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Zombies Run 5k – Week 1

Zombies Run 5k – Week 1

First things first, I needed to get a playlist sorted for this app. Unfortunately Zombies Run 5k does not integrate with google play, so I had to find an alternative. The app recommends Android Music or Winamp. First I spent ages going through my music to find some songs to transfer directly to my phone. As this is a zombie apocalypse themed running app I decided for a rock and metal theme, and chose 18 songs to transfer to my phone. Next I downloaded Winamp, but Zombies Run 5k would not recognise my playlist? The app had recommended an upgrade to Rocket Music Player, so I tried this next, but again the app wouldn’t pick up the playlist. I tried the other recommendation of Android Music, but no joy, so then I gave Spotify a go, and still no luck! I checked the help pages for Zombies Run 5k, and it now recommended another player called Shuttle, which worked!

zombies run 5k logoSo I’ve had major issues getting going with this app. My first idea was to run this app once a week along side my original Couch to 5k app, but I was to focused on finishing the original app to fit this one in, so it got shelved most of the time. The few times I did try and run this app instead, I either a) had my headphones die one minute in or b) had my phone die three minutes in, so it never ended up happening.

I also, after finishing the C25k, managed to injure my back/neck, then I had a minor procedure on my arm which I used as an excuse for a few days, then hurt my back/neck again, and I ended up not running at all for about two weeks……

At some point in there I did manage to fit in Week 1 Run 1, and it was a disaster. The warm up walk is really long, double what I’m used to at 10 minutes, and I was a bit bored by then end. The runs are only 15 seconds, on my first week of C25K I was running for 1 minute, and the app seemed to glitch and not give me all the run queues, meaning I didn’t even do all the ten short bursts I was supposed to. Then on the last 10 minute free form run, I managed less than three minutes, complete failure. I went too fast, too soon, and I was out of practice. Utter disaster.

A few weeks later I tried again and did Week 1 Run 2. This one went better, managing the full 10 minutes free form run at the end, and I even managed a decent pace for about three of them before slowing down to my usual plodding jog. Problem is I am only trying to stick to this app because I like the zombie theme and I want to hear the story, but in reality I don’t think it’s working for me, and I doubt I will continue.

Maybe I should stick to free running monitored by Strava, or even try the more advanced Zombie Run app, as unfortunately going back to basics is not challenging me, and not making me want to run. In all honesty when I am motivated I just want to set off jogging and see how far I go, so that’s what I think I will do.

The app is a nice idea but from my very brief time actually using it, I wasn’t too keen. The queues were sloppy and didn’t always come through, and when using a bluetooth headset the dialogue kicks in too quick for the connection and you often miss the beginning. Maybe this would have worked better for me if I had used it from the start, but for now I don’t think I’m in a position to benefit from it.

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