Zombies Run 5k Training – Not your basic running app

Zombies Run 5k Training – Not your basic running app

I recently decided to start learning to run. I signed myself up for a 5k Colour Run and in a desperate attempt to not make a complete fool of myself I decided to start training using the Couch to 5k app. I am currently on week 6 of training, and here you can read my progress through weeks 1 to 3 and 4 & 5. One of the issues I have been facing is that even though I am managing to run for longer, I am running very very slow, and I need to pick up my pace. I thought that re-starting the training focusing on speed may help, but rather than repeat the same program, I looked for something slightly different, which brings me to the Zombies Run 5k app.

The Zombies Run 5k app runs on a similar premise to the C25K app, by building up slowly, increasing the distance you are able to run. The weekly programs are slightly different, and Zombies Run 5k includes exercises and free form running, whereas the C25K program wholly structured. I hope that the inclusion of the exercises, and stretching breaks will help to build up the muscles I need for running, whereas the shorter run times I would like to use to increase my speed.

What is Zombies Run 5k?

zombies 5k logoZombies Run 5k is an app designed to get people running 5k in 8 weeks. Confidence and stamina is built up over 25 workouts, all based around post zombie apocalypse survival story. Zombies Run 5k is designed is advertised as a game rather than a training app, as the runner is essentially playing a part in a real life RPG, where running is required to survive, and therefore progress the story.

Zombies Run 5k consists of 3 workouts per week. Each week the length of time spent running increases, and the exercises work to increase strength and stamina, until after 8 weeks the runner is ready to take on 5k.

How to get started

1. App – Get the app here, it costs £1.49 from the Google Play store

2. Equipment – You will most likely need a good pair of running shoes to reduce the risk of injury, a water bottle, and a phone or mp3 player to listen to the app or podcasts. Playlists from Google Play will not sync with this app, so you will need to create a playlist in an alternative player, such as Rocket Music Player.

3. Where – The app can track you by time or distance using gps, so the app can be used outside or on a treadmill. However, due to the inclusion of various exercises, it is advisable to find somewhere off road to run, such as a park, where you can stop for exercise breaks comfortably.

The program

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The Story

You begin the story arriving en route to Abel Township, when your helicopter is attacked and crashes, and you have to make your way to the township without being caught by Zombies, where you will train as Runner 5. Each workout progresses your story as Runner 5, as you take on missions for the township collecting supplies and protecting the town from the encroaching zombies. You will also learn about secrets and conspiracies, with each run becoming a new adventure.


One of the appealing things about this app is that it links to the online site where you can track your progress and stats. Zombielink can track your speed and location so you can monitor your progress, review your speed and share run logs on social media or with other users.


Monday 7th July – Today I decided to make a start and see what the Zombies Run 5k was all about, so I headed out to do the Intro mission. The intro seems to really be just to get you into the story, but to be honest it was a little confusing about what I was supposed to be doing? The story is nice, you’re on a helicopter when you’re attacked and crash. you hear the radio operator from the township telling you that Zombies are coming and to ‘MOVE MOVE’, but the app does not explicitly tell you to run. Whereas the C25K app specifically tells you when to run, and when to walk, the Zombies Run 5k app seems to assume you will take your cues from the story, without explicitly stating what to do. At least I’m assuming that hearing zombie noises and a character telling you to move is an indicator to run, but as I said, it’s not too obvious at this point. The other lacking feature right now is telling you when to stop running. In the intro, it just doesn’t do this. Obviously as I’m using the app to work on my speed, I was running faster than usual and therefore got out of breath after only a few minutes. I stopped running, and nothing happened, so I checked my phone to make sure the app hadn’t stopped or my headphones hadn’t disconnected, but it just seemed to be ticking away in the background. I walked for sometime before the story kicked in again, and there were gaps of a few minutes in between story progression, which won’t be an issue when I get a playlist together to run with, but all in all I was only told to run twice during this mission. I did pop another run in there myself, but I wasn’t really challenged considering I didn’t run for very long, and there was no acknowledgement for when I stopped running. I’m not sure if there would have been any consequences had I not run at all? Maybe I need to play with the app settings to it can monitor me better as I run. I also found that at the end of the run I was told ‘Mission Complete’, but the timer keeps running until you stop it yourself. At this point you are asked if you are sure you want to stop the mission, which did make me wonder if there was actually more to come? I think this could be clearer, and would be better if the timer automatically stopped when you have finished. I also couldn’t work out how to share my run on social media, but I will look into this further.

So far I like the story aspect of the app, but I’m not sure the instructions are super clear at this point. I’m going to research the app more before I start on the main workouts, but I’m sticking with it for now as I would like to see where it goes!

Thanks for reading!
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2 thoughts on “Zombies Run 5k Training – Not your basic running app”

  • I went over 5k on the intro story and since the timer never stopped I wasn’t sure if I even completed mission because I couldn’t hear over a random lawnmower. How long was the intro story? Its been quiet for the last couple 2k… Major oversight in app design

    • It’s been a while since I did this now so I’m not sure! But yeah, there are a few issues with stuff like that :/

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