Werewolf, The Game – Part 6, Being God

Werewolf, The Game – Part 6, Being God

Being God in a game of Werewolf can be very difficult, but also very fun, here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Don’t worry if you mess up, just be confident and carry on. You might think the wolves pointed at someone else and kill off the wrong person, but the game can still continue, sometimes mistakes happen if you make an issue out of it, so will the players. Remember, no one can question God, this rule is to help you when you make a mistake, to make sure it doesn’t ruin the whole game, just let the players get on with it. If anyone does try to question you, tell them not to question God or you will smite them, and to get on with the game.
  2. Don’t allow Meta Gaming. Meta-Gaming in Werewolf is using information outside of the game world, in the game itself. For example, during the night phase, in terms of the game, you are asleep, so you cannot hear the person next to you moving around at certain points during the night, and therefore cannot use this as a reason to nominate them during the day. It is disputed as to whether referring to a players behaviour in previous games is metagaming, so it is up to you as God to decide if this is allowed.
  3. Time the days. The more players you have, the longer the game will take, and this can be very boring for people killed early. Try to keep things moving by timing rounds, with days being shorter for a larger amount of players. On the other hand, try not to cut a day short if there is a good discussion going on, timed rounds are to help get things moving, not hinder the game.
  4. Give a warning when you are approaching nightfall, try not to just send players to sleep mid-conversation.
  5. Try to build up a bit of a story, when you announce who’s dead in the morning, build up to it, how was the body found, what did it look like, did the village mourn? Little touches like this make it more fun for the village.
  6. Provide little hints on how people died. When you are playing a number of roles, you can hint as to how a player died subtly without saying it outright, and it’s up to the village to pick up on it and use that information. For example, someone killed by the wolves could have had their shredded remains found, while a whore was found dead in their bed, or a person killed from a witch potion could have died a sudden but unexpected death. You can be more explicit with a lover’s death, after killing of the first of the pair, you can make it clear that grief-stricken for their lover (name) drops dead of a broken heart. The same also goes for a Hunter, who may have been mauled to death in the night, but with their last breath, they managed to draw their bow and arrow and firing off one last shot, killed (name).
  7. Try not to be involved in the discussion, you can answer questions on gameplay and role rules, but try not to be dragged into providing an opinion
  8. Expect the unexpected. When playing a number of roles, something might happen that you weren’t expecting, such as the first time the healer picked the Shapeshifter on the night they used their ability in my game. It is up to you as God to decide how the game progresses, just make a decision and stick with it, hence, in my games, this tactic now adds an extra wolf to the game.
  9. Players will ruin your thoughtfully laid out plans. If you develop a new role, or new game set up that you think is amazing, it will never work out how you want it to. Someone will find a loophole or tactic that ruins all your plans for a wonderful game. Just let it happen, and remember not to do it again…..
  10. Don’t be afraid to smite. If someone is being really disruptive, or refusing to follow the rules, either kill them off mid-game or wait until the next morning and announce them as dead. You control the game, and it is up to you to make sure all players have fun.
  11. Use a pen and paper if you need help keeping track of the night phase when you include a lot of roles
  12. Keep things interesting, try new game setups and new role combinations

Full Game Script

Here is the script to use during the night phase when all previously mentioned roles are in play. Any roles not being used can just be ignored;

Night One Only

  1. If playing doubles, have all players hold their cards out so you can write down who is who
  2. Cupids raise their hands
  3. Walk all the way around the circle and tap one of the Cupids to wake them up
  4. Cupid chooses two people to be lovers and goes back to sleep
  5. Walk all the way around the circle and tap both lovers
  6. Lovers wake up and recognise each other.
  7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 for each Cupid
  8. Hunters raise their hands (make a note)
  9. Little Girl raises her hand (make a note)
  10. Village Elder raises their hand (make a note)
  11. Apprentice Seer raises their hand (make a note)
  12. Lycan raises their hand (make a note)
  13. Superwolf raises their hand (make a note)
  14. Shapeshifter raises their hands (make a note)

All Nights

  1. Wolves wake up
  2. Does the Shapeshifter wish to use their ability
  3. Wolves choose a victim
  4. Regardless of the answer to number 2, EVERY night, walk all the way around the circle and advise that if you are tapped you are now a Wolf, wake up and see the other Wolves. Only tap the chosen victim if the answer to number 2 was yes.
  5. Witch wakes up, show the Witch who is about to die and ask if they want to use their healing potion, then ask if they want to use their killing potion
  6. Seer wakes up and chooses someone to see
  7. Healer wakes up and chooses someone to heal
  8. Whore wakes up and chooses someone to lie with
  9. Huntsman wakes up and chooses someone to protect
  10. Village wakes up, and announce your deaths

Image by Mark James Hiblin

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