Urban Exploration – Cheadle Royal Hospital

Urban Exploration – Cheadle Royal Hospital

Cheadle Royal Hospital, formerly known as the Manchester Royal Lunatic Asylum, was a psychiatric hospital built in 1848 – 1849. As of 2010, the majority of the original site became part of the Priory Group, which offers comprehensive inpatient mental health services. One building, known locally as ‘South House’ has been left abandoned. It is here in South House which we spent one afternoon this month.

Despite extensive research, I have been unable to find out what South House was specifically used for, so if anyone knows, please do share in the comments section below!

We arrived at the hospital through the main gates and drove around the back towards South House. After parking up out of sight, we waited for the coast to be clear and climbed tentatively over the gate. Despite not being a difficult entry, we did have to laugh at the effort we put into our little access adventure, only to find the gate on the other side had been left open, and we could have just walked in from the road…

Nevertheless we began to explore. We knew before arriving at Cheadle Royal Hospital that it was only one building, and we didn’t have high expectations of what we would find. On arrival at South House, I was pleasantly surprised. There’s nothing left on the site, and most of the floors on the upper levels are gone, but I still quite enjoyed just having a look around.

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If anyone is new to urban exploring, I would definitely recommend Cheadle Royal Hospital as a great first site to check out. It’s very easy to access, with limited danger (you still need common sense, some of the floors are missing….) and you’ll likely bump into some fellow explorers if you visit on a nice weekend!


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17 thoughts on “Urban Exploration – Cheadle Royal Hospital”

  • I learnt to play Snooker at Cheadle Royal! Back in the eighties, one of my mates spent some time in there (with what were eventually diagnosed as bipolar problems). In the evening, we used to sneak in past reception and and head up to an old attic room that no one ever seemed to use, which had 2 full size snooker tables in it. Free snooker! Can’t remember which building it was. The first photo looks vaguely reminiscent.

  • Some really interesting pics. Occasionally I do like to shoot derelict buildings etc., the last place being Croft Air Base [now housing estate]. Your pics have caught my attention and I wondered if the hospital is still accessible. If so, how accessible? Any advice on entering will gaining access will be much appreciated. Cheers

  • It was a mental asylum it is now abandoned because one of the mental patients burnt but not burnt to the ground South House also Saint Anne’s hospice replaced South house and if you go in to a room there is a sword in the ground wonder why it is said that it is haunted by the patients the graffiti is scary but some are terrifying I’ve been there and it’s really creepy but there is a green gate there but the side fence has been cut open the patient would have needles in them aswell

      • It’s still intact but they have bricked up the ground floor window holes, possibly doors too. Couldn’t see from where I was stood – in the main building 😉

  • Nothing has replaced South house as there aren’t ‘’live -in’ nurses any more. The site isn’t abandoned and is still a mental health hospital, just South House that is ruined. The old North House is now a hotel

  • I can tell you but it’s not even worth your fuel. The downstairs windows are bricked up and it was never even had any patients in there, it was the nurses quarters. Sod all interesting and anyone who has gone there has just wasted time, fuel and effort

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