UK Games Expo 2017 Preview

UK Games Expo 2017 Preview

We attended the UK Games Expo for the first time last year, and picked out some amazing games from everything we experienced. This year we’re going back, and we’re hoping to stay even longer, and test out even more games so we can give you the heads up on which ones stand out at the UK Games Expo 2017!

Tabletop gaming continues to expand. In a world of computer and console gaming, board games, card games, wargames and roleplaying games are not only surviving, they are thriving. Games are becoming better quality each year with amazing components, stunning artwork and engaging play. The number and size of conventions is growing year on year with Britain no exception.

The 11th annual UK Games Expo, the UK’s largest hobby games convention, will be held from 2nd to 4th June 2017. Over the last ten years it has expanded from 800 unique individuals to over 12,400 and a footfall in 2016 of 25,000 over the three days, making it the fourth largest hobby games convention in the world. The organisers expect over 15,000 individuals in 2017 and 30,000 footfall.


We thought last year was big, but this year is going to be even bigger…

In addition to the trade show, there will also be a number of other gaming related events over the course of the weekend.

  • Board game tournaments will be running throughout the weekend. We’ll be checking in on the Pandemic Survival Regional, which is a last chance qualifier for the National Championship, which will be held on the Sunday.
  • The entertainment events are amazing this year. John Robertson will be back with ‘The Dark Room‘, a live-action, text based adventure game, MMORPG is an improvised comedy with table top gaming, made-up fantasy quest. Also featuring is Live Pandemic and Knightmare Live.
  • LARP events also feature, with UK Starship Bridge Simulator, where 6 players (Engineering, Science, Communications, Weapons and Flight all work together under the guise of their Captain) take control of a spaceship and try to complete a mission.

Not got your ticket yet? What are you waiting for!

Single Day Ticket: Adults £13, Young Adult (11 to 15 years) £8. Family £35.

Two Day Ticket: Adults £22, Young Adult (11 to 15 years) £14. Family £50.

Three Day Ticket: Adults £28, Young Adult (11 to 15 years) £18. Family £70.

Family Ticket: admits 2 adults and 2 young adults.

Child Tickets:

Children aged 10 and under are admitted free to UK Games Expo. These tickets will be issued on your arrival at the convention. Simply ask at the ticket desk for the tickets when you arrive.

Book your tickets here.

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