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Trapped Up North – The perfect combination of Escape Game & Scare Attraction

Trapped Up North – The perfect combination of Escape Game & Scare Attraction

I’ve now reviewed 6 Escape Rooms across 4 venues & by now I’m hard pushed to believe that someone could come and surprise me now, but oh, how wrong I was…..

Trapped Up North has a very unusual take on the escape room concept. If you strip back the theme, what you have is actually quite a basic set of puzzles. Find the key, find the code, find another key, do a little bit of code cracking….. But unlike some of the newer more complex escape rooms, the puzzles are not overly cryptic or difficult to decipher. But it’s what Trapped Up North does with this simple concept that makes it so special. We got to play the Jigsaw room.

Firstly, the set is amazing. While most escape games take place in one, maybe two rooms, Trapped Up North has a larger setting for their games, and so not only do you have a larger area to explore, but the game play is non-linear, which makes it all the more exciting. The decor is pretty awesome, and there is a lot of attention to detail in the props, which means that Trapped Up North is keeping up with the newer escape game companies that have recently opened up, such as Lockin Escape and Escape Rooms UK.

Next Up we have the atmosphere. It’s pretty obvious that these guys have previous experience in a scare attraction. The music is on point, and the effects are perfect to heighten tension and increase the fear factor while you try to navigate your way out.

Lastly, and best of all, is the whole set up for the game. Instead of being sat in a waiting area and explained the rules of the game before being simply locked in a room, Trapped Up North takes it to the next level. From the minute you walk in you are part of the experience, the build up to the game is all part of the scare factor. Let’s just say that no other escape game I have experienced has made me walk into a room blindfolded and then slammed the door behind me.

One of my pet peeves in escape games is that it’s hard to have puzzles to solve that are in keeping with the theme of the room, but for a horror attraction, it’s perfect. You’re locked in a room and in an hour something bad is coming to get you, so you have to find your way out, by unlocking a series of doors. For some reason, this is the perfect setting for an escape game. If some evil being has locked you in a room, of course the keys to escape would be hidden…..

Not only does this game suddenly make perfect sense, but add in the tension, the fear, and the excitement, and suddenly the simplicity of the puzzles does not only not bother you, but again, works really well with the whole theme. It’s no longer about coming up with more and more complex puzzles, it’s about creating an experience, and this is something that I feel Trapped Up North has been the first to fully accomplish.

We also loved the new style of giving hints, by using an abandoned mobile phone, or whispering through the walls, instead of the generic hint screen!

I cannot express more how mush I enjoyed this game, in fact, I kind of wish that we hadn’t escaped. We managed to open the final door with 12 minutes to spare, but the tension was so high I think it would actually have been fun to be caught! Once we left, I immediately missed climbing through holes and crawling through tunnels, (which, by the way, as usual, I always had to go first through, in the dark) and wished that I could do it all again.

It was a common consensus in our team that this was a brilliant experience, and I think that Trapped Up North has hit the nail on the head when it comes to combining the escape game with the scare attraction.


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