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Trapped In, Bury – The Ruby Factory & Crazy Clown’s Carnival

Trapped In, Bury – The Ruby Factory & Crazy Clown’s Carnival

Nine months after our first visit to Trapped In Bury, we returned to play their next two escape games. We knew that after our last visit that they had a funfair themed room planned, but their second room was a complete surprise, and a rather pleasant one at that.

Last time we played Air Traffic Control and Time Machine, but this time, we were there to see what The Ruby Factory, and Crazy Clown’s Carnival had to offer.

The Ruby Factory

The Ruby Factory is different to any other room we have played. The aim isn’t to escape as quick as possible at all. You still need to escape, but in addition, you have to try and collect the most Rubies. The leader board shows the teams who escaped with the most jewels, and not the teams who escaped in the fastest time.

trapped in bury ruby factoryInfiltrate the abandoned Ruby Factory and escape with as many rubies as possible before the security guards return. You will need to use physical and mental skills to operate the disused machinery and extract the rubies. This game isn’t about how quickly you can get out, hence it’s easy rating. To get on the leaderboard you’ll need to collect the most rubies and successfully escape before the guards return.

The room has some really cool secret areas to discover, and some interesting/annoying depending on your outcome, potential traps. The premise, combined with some new features, made the Ruby Factory a fun and challenging room. While the escape itself might not be difficult, in this room, you have more to do than just get out.

We racked up rubies much faster than we had realised, and after the final count, we even managed to bag ourselves 2nd place on the leaderboard!

trapped in bury ruby factory

Crazy Clown’s Carnival

trapped in bury crazy clown's carnivalThe clown has gone mad and won’t let you leave his carnival tent until you’ve completed all his challenges. If you’ve played other escape games you can expect something completely different with this one. You’ll need to use all your skill and teamwork to complete the clown’s challenges, and if you enjoy playing games at the carnival fairground you’ll love this!
Scared of clowns? Don’t let that worry you, our clown isn’t scary, he’s just a little mad!

Crazy Clown’s Carnival probably isn’t quite a 4/5 in difficulty, but it does have one seriously big puzzle to solve. After solving the initial puzzles with not too much difficulty, it was time to complete the final task.

We took our time as we have plenty left, but the final task alone probably took us close to 15 minutes to solve, so you do need to get a move on at the beginning to ensure you have plenty time left for the escape!

We loved the room, it was a really fun setup, and the puzzles were not only excellently themed for the room but also mostly different to those we had come across before.

This is a great room for a fun experience, just maybe not if you’re afraid of clowns…..

trapped in bury crazy clown's carnival

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  • I had absolutely no idea this place existed! Thank you so much for adding the link – my teenagers will love it! I’ve been to The Escape Room in Manchester and it was awesome, I’ve always promised the kids I’ll go with them sometime and this’ll be ideal! It looks really interesting too 😀

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