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Trapped In, Bury – Air Traffic Control & Time Machine

Trapped In, Bury – Air Traffic Control & Time Machine

A few days ago we visited a new Escape Game company who have opened their doors in Bury. Trapped In currently have two games available to play, Air Traffic Control, and Time Machine. Games are available for up to six players, and the costs are pretty much the same as most other Manchester based companies.

We decided to start off with the easier of the two rooms, and work our way up, so we began with Air Traffic Control, rated three out of five stars in difficulty. Despite all six of us having played escape games before, we didn’t half muck this one up. We became fixated on one clue, convinced we were on the right track, when we were completely wrong, and wasted a lot of time. THEN we accidentally solved the final clue and escaped with 29 minutes to go. So, once we realised we had not actually solved the clues properly, we went back in, pretended that last bit never happened, and carried on……

In the end we escaped with about three minutes left, so it was a success, albeit a very hectic and confused one. Air Traffic Control was a nice room, the sets aren’t as polished as the larger companies, and the technology behind the puzzles not as advanced, but there was good effort in there, and it was a nice room. We didn’t overly enjoy it, but I think that was because we were a bit rubbish at it, and spent a lot of time kicking ourselves afterwards for doing things wrong.

Next up was Time Machine, which went much better! First up, despite the set design lacking a big budget, the effort put into this one was astonishing. First up, this one comes with sound effects, so be prepared, because it scared us half to death! There was more complexity, and yet we seemed to get into the flow much quicker, and for us this room was a lot more fun.


We did however get stuck in the car park on the way out! While it’s awesome that this venue has a car park, make sure if you’re leaving late that one of the other businesses hasn’t shut the gate, as you’ll need them to let you out if this is the case 🙂

Overall, Trapped In seems off to a good start, and they already have plans to expand, with space for an additional four rooms, work has already begun on the next one, where you’ll be sure to have fun at this fair…..

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