Total Ninja – The World’s largest Ninja training park

Total Ninja – The World’s largest Ninja training park

This weekend sees the launch of Total Ninja, the world’s largest Ninja training park, located in Trafford Park, Greater Manchester. We popped down on Thursday evening to see just how a true Ninja is trained, and it might not be how you would first expect. Unleash your inner Ninja with Total Ninja’s obstacle course and put your skills to the test.

Welcome, stranger. We have been waiting for you. Once in a generation a true hero is born. One so powerful they can transcend the limits of mere mortals and achieve amazing feats of strength and agility. That hero is you.

Many trials lay ahead but you have already taken your first steps to reaching your ultimate destiny. Quiet your doubt, channel your inner warrior and see if you have what it takes to become… the Total Ninja.

There are three main sections at Total Ninja; the Ninja Academy is for budding Ninjas who are just beginning their journey, Ninja Recruits for intermediate Ninjas and Ninja Pro (which was unfortunately not finished when we popped over) for true warriors who want to become Total Ninjas.

Among the obstacles are spider walls, ring sliders, warped walls, jump tower, sea of swings, tilting beams, rotating logs, scramble net, quad steps, sea of doors, floating bridge, Ninja climbing wall, giant airbag and foam pits.

There’s also a Ninja Gym for those who wish to prepare their bodies for the challenges ahead…

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Total Ninja is an interesting place to visit. While we can imagine tons of fun with friends, it’s also super hard work. If you have practically no upper body strength (like me) then you might struggle as many of the obstacles are similar to monkey bars, but there’s always the kids area, which I felt quite suited me!

So if you spent your childhood wishing you could take on the Physical Ability challenge on Krypton Factor or the Eliminator on Gladiators, this is your best chance at living that dream.

Booking online is cheaper, and prices range from £10 – £27.50 per person per hour depending on which section of the park you want access to.


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