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The Great Escape UK – The UK’s first Escape Room unconference

The Great Escape UK – The UK’s first Escape Room unconference

The 13th January saw the Cross Keys pub in Leeds host the UK’s first Escape Game unconference, and I managed to be part of it. Escape Games have taken the UK by storm in the last few years, and it seems that a new site appears in major cities every few months. Competition is high, but Escape Games are incredibly popular right now, and it looks like they’re here to stay.

On the agenda for the day were a variety of topics, including;

  • What is the future for Escape Rooms?
  • Mobile Escape Games
  • Outdoor Escape Rooms – Geocaching
  • What’s missing from the Escape Room community?
  • Pimp my Game – high tech and other ideas

It was a great group of people, including Escape Game owners, employees, game designers and enthusiasts. It was nice to finally meet Chris from Exit Games, who I have spoken to virtually on several occasions, and to see the team from Breakout Manchester attending in full force, and it was also great to meet a bunch of new people!

One of the things that I find really great about the Escape Game community, is that even though this is a business for most of them, that they really obviously care about what they do, and really enjoy being in the industry. It’s great to see so many different Escape Game businesses coming together to share ideas, and work together to make the industry better for the players on the whole.

It was also great to learn about all the other things out there, such as Puzzle Hunt, MIT Mystery Hunt and Puzzled Pint, and interesting takes on the traditional escape room concept, such as Pop-up Puzzles, who bring the escape room to you, or Agent November, who take the escape game outdoors.

I’ll also definitely be checking out the Mysterious Package Company, and Hidden City, and for some reason, I also left with a major urge to hunt down a copy of the old Atmosfear board game…..


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