Supernova 2016

Supernova 2016

Sunday 29th May

Kill Command

supernova 2016 kill commandKill Command is a good sci-fi action film, based on the concept of robots becoming self aware, and turning on humans. It really enjoyed this film, the effects were great and it was jam packed with action, and solid acting. If you like films about Robots going rogue, you’ll love this one.

A military unit are sent to another world on a training mission, but once there. everything is not as it seems. In a future world where the military use robots as weapons, will making them more intelligent mean that they become humanity’s biggest foe?

I also like how humans can be enhanced using technology, and having a member of the team being almost a robot/human hybrid, makes for an interesting dynamic.

If you like sci-fi, action and robots, this one is worth checking out.


supernova 2016 aliensI loved it! Aliens is probably my favourite sci-fi film of all time, and of course it stars my favourite heroine, Ripley. Seeing the film on the big screen was amazing, and is an experience I would definitely recommend to any fan of the Alien Saga.

Aliens was by far the best film in the whole festival, and I only hope that they can find an alternative classic for next year to match up to this one.

Alien 3: The Assembly Cut

Alien 3 Assembly cutLoved the fact that the Assembly Cut was brought out for the big screen. The first time I saw Alien 3, I inadvertently watched the Assembly Cut, and ever since then, I couldn’t understand why people didn’t like it. It wasn’t until years later I realised that there were two versions, and that the one I had seen, was not the theatrical cut most others had seen.

While I don’t think the Assembly Cut is perfect, I do think it’s much better. I love the interactions between the prisoners, and especially the development of Golic, who doesn’t exactly start off sane, but end up completely losing it, and almost screwing up everything. I do think that some of the film could have been cut down

Project M

supernova 2016 project-mProject M was one of the films we were most looking forward to from the synopsis. This French Canadian film sees four astronauts sent into space on a 1000 day mission. The mission serves as a test to see if sending people to Europa would be possible. While life in space does not go without difficulties, it is when problems happen on Earth that the real issues begin for our crew.

Firstly, I have nothing against foreign language films, but the language on International Space stations is English, not French. Especially concerning scenes when speaking to other nationalities, there is still no English dialogue.

Other than that, the film is solid. It has a great story, great acting, and some interesting events throughout. It’s not been done before (as far as I’m aware), and it’s a film I would be happy to recommend. The only issue, I think it could have been done better.

As much as I hate to say it, as they ruin all my favourite Asian films, I think Hollywood could have added a bit more wow factor to this film. Perhaps it will get a blockbuster remake in a few years, and for this one I hope it does.

Andron: The Black Labyrinth

supernova 2016 andronThe idea behind Andron sounds good. It’s a cross between the Hunger Games, Maze Runner and the Cube. The problem is, they’ve tried to make it so complex, that the basic story never quite comes across properly, and without a solid grounding, everything else that happens just adds to the confusion.

Strangely, even having top actors doesn’t save this film. Alec Baldwin and Danny Glover both offer terrible performances, although, I think I would struggle to portray a character in a film I can’t understand too. Some of the other main cast are good, some are terrible (Antonia Campbell-Hughes¬†& Skin), but the film just never seems to come together well.

This is the problem when trying to recycle a mix of several good ideas, while also putting your own spin on it, it’s too much, and it doesn’t work. Andron should be stripped back and work on telling a solid story, before it tries to add in too much fancy.

Supernova 2017?

The first Supernova film festival was a great start to what will hopefully be many more sci-fi film festivals to come. Odeon Printworks is a great cinema to camp out in for a weekend, and the variety of films on offer was a superb mix. Let’s hope that Supernova is back in 2017, and fingers crossed it gets stretched to three days!

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