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Starting my own limited company – GirlGeekUpNorth Ltd

Starting my own limited company – GirlGeekUpNorth Ltd

GirlGeekUpNorth Ltd

Providing financial solutions, training and consultancy for small business, startups, not for profits and freelancers.

Specialising in credit control, debt management, basic bookkeeping, self assessment, payroll & event management, with exceptional organisation skills and a highly efficient approach to work I can help you get your business running smoothly.


I’ve worked in finance, mostly credit control, for almost a decade, and the thing I have learnt is that the basics of company finances are actually pretty easy. Don’t get me wrong, having to deal with stock in and out, importing and exporting, accruals and long term projects can be pretty daunting, but there are a lot of companies out there who are relatively straightforward, yet when it comes to accounts they just don’t know where to start.

Having an Accountant take care of this for you can be great, it means you don’t have to worry about it, you know everything will be done right, and you can spend your time on your customers and growing your business, but it can also be very costly, especially when your business is very simple to run.

Since I have moved to Manchester I have been very involved in the Tech Community, and I often see freelancers, startups and small businesses paying for a professional accountant to do their books, just because they don’t realise how easy it can be, and this is where I come in.

A few friends asked if I would consider doing their self assessments/accounts/credit control for them, and I thought ‘sure, why not?’ It saves them a fortune and means I can earn a little on the side while helping people out. So I started my own company, and I charge an hourly rate for my work.

I’m not looking to turn this into a career, I have a job, in fact I have an awesome job that I’m about to start, but I’m good at Finance stuff and it’s nice to help people out, especially when they’re just starting out. So if you’re a freelancer, or a small company providing a service, why not get in touch and see if I can help you!

Services Offered;

  • Credit Control – My speciality! Too many people start out in business, book jobs, and then don’t get paid. It can be a daunting thing to ask someone else for money, but I’ve been doing it for years, and have no issue with it. If you’re struggling to recover your debt, I can cover the credit control for most small businesses in an average of 2 hours per week for a business with up to 200 customers.
  • Basic Book Keeping – If you’re selling a service, and not a physical product, your accounting is really quite simple. There are a number of free accountancy software packages available to use, but the simplest of businesses can be managed using just spreadsheets!
  • Self Assessments – As a former freelancer myself I know how simple submission of a self assessment can be. Not only can I help you submit yours, but I can also make sure that you’re claiming all the expenses you’re entitled to in order to reduce that pesky tax bill!
  • Expenses – A lot of companies miss out on reducing their tax bill because they don’t know what expenses they can claim for. I can help you make sure you’re claiming for the right expenses, and help you reduce your annual tax bill.
  • Payroll – Payroll for small companies with fewer than 10 employees can be run easily with HMRC’s Basic PAYE Tools. I can help you get up and running with the system, or even manage it for you if you’re not comfortable with it yourself.
  • Company Accounts – Small businesses do not have to have their annual accounts submitted by a qualified accountant, there is nothing stopping you from doing this yourself, unless of course you have no idea where to start. For small business providing services I can help you submit your annual accounts for a fraction of the cost of if it was done by a qualified accountant.
  • Consultancy – Are you doing your own finance and just need a bit of advice? I can also help you streamline your processes and improve efficiency when dealing with your finances.
  • Training – If you fancy taking the plunge and want to bring your finances in house, but don’t know where to start, I can provide training for your staff on any of the services I can provide myself.

If you would like to contact me about any of the services I can provide, please email me on claire@girlgeekupnorth.co.uk

Thanks for reading!
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