Starter Python Projects for the Raspberry Pi & Arduino

Starter Python Projects for the Raspberry Pi & Arduino

Since completing my Coursera course I have been continuing to improve my Python skills using Codecademy, and lately I’ve been feeling pretty confident. I feel like I am grasping concepts better with practice, and when I do get stuck, I am more confident using the Python documentation to find a solution, without feeling the need to run to a forum or stack overflow for help. So I’m on the hunt for some python projects to test my skills.

Hopefully during my time off work over the next few weeks, I want to dust off my Raspberry Pi, and if I’ve been really really good this year, Father Christmas should be bringing me an Arduino Starter Kit, so I’ve decided to find some Projects I can work on to further improve my skills. It’s also important to note that these projects can all be completed using only the Pi or the Arduino Starter Kit, no other components are required, (except monitor, keyboard etc to get your Pi up and running).

1. To start I think I’m going to download Minecraft: Pi Edition and have a look at 2 projects from <Stuff about=”code” />.

  • Hide and Seek – create a program which hides a diamond in a random location and you have to find it, using warmer and colder hints to locate the diamond as quick as you can.
  • Planetary Gravity Sim – create a small solar system with planets orbiting the sun.

2. Also using Minecraft, I have found a collection of python exercises that correspond to codecademy lessons by Craig Richardson, called Python Programming with Minecraft Pi, which I would like to work through. I’m especially looking forward to trying the teleporter and the secret passage.

3. For the Arduino there are a couple of projects I like the look of that come with the starter kit;

  • Spaceship Interface – design a control panal for your spacecraft
  • Crystal Ball – a mystical tour to answer all your tough questions
  • Hacking Buttons – create a master control for all your devices

I think this should more than keep me occupied over the Christmas period, but I’m hoping at some point to find a project that combines both the Pi and the Arduino without me having to go out and get more components.

Wish me luck, and if you have any suggestions for other good starter projects using this equipment please leave a comment below! I hope to follow up with more detailed posts for each project as I complete them.

Thanks for reading!
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