Psychomenteum 2015 – Why did we return?

Psychomenteum 2015 – Why did we return?

Last year I had my first experience of Psychomanteum, dubbed the ‘Sickest Attraction in Britain’ but the Sun.


I was probably more nervous about going in this time than I was last year. Once of my biggest fears is that in an attempt to constantly push the boundaries they would end up going too far. There is a fine line in these experiences between providing an entertaining experience and just being sick, one that last year I found Scare Kingdom to manage perfectly, but would they be able to maintain that balance?

I am happy to say that after experiencing Psychomenteum for the second time, that yes, they have maintained that balance. This year there has been just enough change from last year’s format to make it fresh, and the addition of a new section was very welcomed.

This time around, Psychomenteum is no ordinary clinic for the sexually depraved, but a confessional where you may reconcile your sins…..

I have to say that the first actor I encountered was brilliant. From the get go he makes sure you know that you’re going to have no power through this experience, they’re in charge, and you will do as you’re told. From there on the whole experience is a blur, you feel like you’re in there for ages, and you’re just hoping that it will be over soon, but when you’re done, you wish you’d experienced more, and realise just how quickly the whole thing was over and done with.

SPOILER – Take a spare t-shirt, I dribbled on myself


Massive kudos to the actors in this attraction, what they do is amazing!

I hope that Scare Kingdom are able to keep up the good work with this attraction, and manage to maintain the balance of fear and excitement, while staying on the right side of that very thin line.

So if you’re visiting Scare Kingdom this year, don’t regret not giving Psychomenteum a go, it’s a once in a lifetime experience (or twice if you’re a glutton for punishment like me) and you’ll not regret it.

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