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Persepolis Liverpool – My second Ingress Anomaly

Persepolis Liverpool – My second Ingress Anomaly

Saturday the 20th June 2015 saw over 400 Ingress Agents descend on Liverpool for the Persepolis Anomaly.


The Persepolis Anomaly ran from the 30th May to the 20th June, and I was lucky enough to have a Satellite event held close to home. My first Anomaly was Helios in Manchester last year, and to be honest we haven’t actually played much since then.

I love anomalies because I love how it brings hundreds of players together for a common goal. I enjoy being a part of something bigger, and it’s something that the Enlightened in the UK are particularly good at. I’ve found that the reason we do well during anomalies in the UK is generally because we have an amazing leadership team, who take the time to organise us and put our tactics into place. By the time it reaches game day we all know what we’re doing, and we work very well as a team, something which I do not see as well reflected in the Resistance.

There have been two anomalies in between Helios and Persepolis that I wasn’t able to attend. Darsana ran October to December 2014, but did not come to the UK, and Shonin ran February to March 2015, and did come to Cardiff, but we couldn’t make it.


Once again we were split into teams and allocated a team leader to guide us on the day. I didn’t know if I would know anyone on my team prior to the event, but that doesn’t matter. I had again arranged for us all to meet early for breakfast so we could get to know each other a bit before the event kicked off, and after we headed to the meeting point we of course had our obligatory team photo before the big group photo was taken.

Once that was all over and done with we headed off to our first location. Tactics since Helios had changed slightly, so as well as trying to control portals we were also going to try and link from them, as this time around links are worth a lot of points. But other than that, tactics were very similar. As we are still not level 8, we were in charge of ensuring the portals were shielded at all times, but in between shielding we would also help deploy resonators and recharge existing ones.

Previously at Helios the we also switched to bursting when we lost control of the portal, but Persepolis was no where near as hectic, and we only lost the portal very briefly on just a few occasions. In fact we held our portals so well, I rarely had to deploy resonators, instead only needed to switch to recharging as they were being attacked.

I think that the change in requirements this time is a real credit to our leaders and organisation. There were times, especially during the 3rd measurement when we didn’t even need to recharge the portal. The attacks had stopped, and the Resistance had just given up. They were not as organised as us and their leaders had not provided sufficient instructions on how to handle the fight, so they became lost and defeated long before the anomaly was over.

This difference was again reflected in the scores. Whilst during Helios Manchester our score was double that of the Resistance, for Persepolis our score was triple that of the Resistance! Considering all of Liverpool spent 2 measurements under a blanket of green thanks to one of the Enlightened tactical teams, it wasn’t surprising that combined with our organisation and teamwork we won Persepolis Liverpool by a massive 529 points!


Final scores came in around 3am that morning, and unfortunately it was an overall win for the Resistance, but only by 429 points! Overall the Resistance have won all anomalies so far, but up here in the North of the UK, the Enlightened are still the superior faction when it comes to Anomalies.

Massive thank you again to the Enlightened leaders who made this all possible, and once again, if you would like to join me  in the battle against the Resistance and join the Manchester Enlighted, then join our group here, say hi, have some cake, and join the fun!



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