Pandemic Legacy: October – December

Pandemic Legacy: October – December

November – attempt two

Objectives: Discover three Cures, Sabotage two Military BasesVaccinate six Faded Cities, Have three Vaccine Factories on the board

Team Players: The Immunologist (Arran), The Quarantine Specialist (Claire), The Dispatcher (Mark), The Researcher (Viv)

Outcome: Success!

End of Game Upgrades: Upgrade to Black, Increase Immunologist’s hand limit

Due to the end game upgrades on our last attempt, we’ve already succeed with having three Vaccine Factories on the board. We make swift progress vaccinating cities, with six cleared in less than two rounds, but we can’t yet cure anything.

We persevere and eventually cure yellow. The cure for black is in sight, but we do not yet have a plan to cure blue. We keep the board under control and work out a cure for blue. We even manage to eradicate black before curing and win the game.

December – attempt one

Objectives: Discover three Cures, Sabotage two Military BasesVaccinate six Faded Cities, Build three Vaccination Factories

Team Players: The Immunologist (Arran), The Virologist (Claire), The Dispatcher (Mark), The Researcher (Viv)

Outcome: Failure

End of Game Upgrades: We add two Bioreactors, two Drone Escorts, one Med Kit and one Aerosol Unit to city cards.

We’re a bit lost when starting out with this month, but we work towards vaccinating cities and also advancing the search track for the secret stockpile. We’re doing ok with searching, but we think we’ll struggle to vaccinate the fallen cities.

We plan to complete the search (which we do) within two turns, even though we had an outbreak also occur. After finding the stockpile, we have very bad luck with one epidemic causing five chain reactions. Not only do we run out of black cubes and lose the game, but we also lose our research station in Istanbul!

December – attempt two

Objectives: Discover three Cures, Find and destroy the secret stockpile of CodA in Atlanta, Vaccinate every faded City

Team Players: The Immunologist (Arran), The Quarantine Specialist (Claire), The Dispatcher (Mark), The Virologist (Viv)

Outcome: Success!

Annoyingly, our second attempt at December goes pretty much to plan. We make a good start vaccinating the fallen cities, and progress is steady. Before we know it, we’ve won!!!!!

Final Score: 677

Disaster Averted.





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2 thoughts on “Pandemic Legacy: October – December”

  • You played December wrong. You only have 2 objectives for the whole month. And you dont get six upgrades from losing the first halfbof december. I can only imagine how badly you screwed up the rest of the game.

    • It looks like for their December upgrades, they selected the “add equipment stickers to 3 player cards” upgrade twice – that’s why there are six listed.

      As for the December objectives, the photos make it look like only two are in play. If the blog text was just copy/pasted from a previous month I think it’s cool.

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