One World Premiere, Two Regional Premieres, Three Professors and 81,000 balls open the Manchester Science Festival 2015

One World Premiere, Two Regional Premieres, Three Professors and 81,000 balls open the Manchester Science Festival 2015

This morning I arrived at the Museum of Science and Industry for the opening of the Manchester Science Festival 2015. I had the honour of being among the first to see some of the festivals highlights.

First up we were taken to the World Premiere of artist Tania Kovats’ exhibition Evaporation. The visially stunning exhibition of sculptures and  drawings explores the significance of our relationship with the world’s seas and oceans.

There were two main pieces in this exhibition for me. Firstly, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific are three large metal bowls which replicate the shape of the world’s largest three oceans. Each one contains a saline solution which slowly evaporates, leaving tide marks of salt on the surface, and meaning that the they will look different each time they are viewed.

The second is All the Seas, which features water from over 200 of the world’s seas, gathered, and sent to Tania in the UK by a volunteer network across the globe. Unfortunately the installation is still missing around 30 seas from more remote locations, could you help out with the missing pieces?

Next up we headed to the North West premiere of Cravings: Does your food control you, which will be running until late 2016. This exhibition explores how food affects the body, brain and eating habits. From the taste of your spoon to space poo, you’ll definitely learn some interesting facts from this exhibition!

Lastly we headed to Jump In, the Festival’s very first adults only ball pool. Following its sell-out run in both London and New York, this art installation-come-adult-playground is filled with 81,000 white balls, and has been created specifically by leading design agency Pearlfisher, to uniquely promote the transformative power of play and inspire creativity in both the workplace and in everyday adult life.

I have to say, that after experiencing Jump In, if you only get to visit one aspect of this year’s Manchester Science Festival, then this should be it.

Tonight, we got to top off an amazing day with the Infinite Monkey Cage with Professor Brian Cox! Tonight’s panel focused on discussing the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy, what an amazing start to the Manchester Science Festival 🙂


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