New generation of laptops: pi-top

New generation of laptops: pi-top

Inspire the future! pi-top strives to inspire inventors and creators to seek the skills of tomorrow and create their future, today.

The new pi-top is a modular laptop, introducing the world’s first sliding keyboard. Makers, educators and inventors loved the original pi-top, so the pi-top team took on their feedback and spent 12 months creating the new generation of laptops.

Designed to awaken your inner inventor, each new pi-top includes a FREE inventor’s kit. Simply slide back the keyboard to reveal an exciting new world of electronics, coding and science, that you can enjoy, regardless of age or ability. Let your creations be as simple or complex as you please, with the new pi-top laptop makes coding and electronics both simple and fun. Get hands-on and snap it all together in a few simple steps. Switch on to explore an extraordinary collection of projects and inventions!

The new pi-top laptop, powered by a Raspberry Pi computer, includes familiar apps such as Google Suite, Chromium web browser, an Office compatible suite, 3D printing software, Scratch, and more! In addition, it comes pre-installed with games such as Minecraft, and pi-top’s own CEEDuniverse, an exciting space exploration game.

Start your journey by building your own pi-top laptop and understanding all the components. Your pi-top laptop includes a ton of electronic components and a pi-topPRO +. Explore computer science and electronics inventions using the 20+ free step-by-step guides in the pitopCODER app. Become an inventor and experiment with spaceships, robots and more.

Key Components

  • pi-topPROTO+
  • Sparkly LED lights
  • Ultrasonic range sensor
  • Buzzer
  • Noise sensor microphone
  • Various buttons and sensors
    and lots more!

Like all pi-top products, the new pi-top comes with an 8GB SD card with the full pitopOS software suite. It is the only maker product endorsed by the leading examination board OCR, in the world! The pi-topOS Polaris powers pi-top products and makes them unique. You can find exclusive apps such as pi-topCODER and CEEDuniverse only available from pi-top.

So, anyone from young musicians to explorers to scientists to software developers to inventors can do what they enjoy like they’ve never done before. Introducing the new pi-top. A mean green dream machine.

Key technical features include:

  • Vivid colours with 14” 1920×1080 FHD LCD display screen
  • Sliding keyboard – reveals magnetic rails for hands-on building of invention and adding your own hardware projects!
  • Flexible 180°Lid for a wide variety of viewing angle
  • 8+ hours of battery life
  • More muscle from the Raspberry Pi microcomputer with integrated special pi-top custom Cooling Bridge
  • Full OCR (Oxford Cambridge RSA Review Board) endorsed software suite (pi-topOS Polaris) bundled on the 8GB SD Card with hundreds of hours of project-based learning on board.

For more information, visit the pi-top website.

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