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My top five movies of 2015

My top five movies of 2015

I’ve seen a lot of films in 2015, and overall, it hasn’t been a great year. By that I mean, that the overall calibre of films being released doesn’t seem to be very high, and I’ve been left disappointed more often than not. However, there have been some absolute gems amongst the utter rubbish out there, and in the last year, these are my favourite five, counting down.

emilia_clarke_arnold_terminator_genisys-wide5. Terminator Genysis – I love the Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day films, after that I wasn’t as enamoured, but I thought I would give Genysis a go. It’s pretty clear from the first few minutes that the story is set in the future, just before John Connor sends Kyle Reese back in time to save his mother from the Terminator who has been sent to kill her. As we follow the Terminator and Kyle back in time to 1984, I suddenly found myself getting a little annoyed. I felt quite quickly that I was being pulled into a remake of the original film, rather than a new story, and as we saw a CGI Arnie attack the weird goth kids again, I was worried that I wasn’t going to enjoy the newest film in the franchise. Give it a few minutes, and all your fears go away, enter Arnie as we know him now, and the rebooted Sarah Connor, who Emilia Clarke does amazing justice to, and by damn those are some hard boots to fill. The rebooted storyline is fantastic, and brings a whole new dimension to the franchise. From here on out I was loving this new film, it had a perfect combination of action, comedy, and in jokes that long time Terminator fans would adore. Also, Arnie vs Arnie was pretty damn good scene.

Gone Girl - 20144. Gone Girl – I will always love a psychological thriller, and Gone Girl is one of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s not often now I can watch a film and they don’t make the twist obvious in the first 15 minutes, but Gone Girl kept me guessing almost until the end. What makes this story so well done is that it’s told from the point of view of the unreliable narrator, something which an audience isn’t used to. To us, the narrator is the true constant who can be relied upon to explain things to us along the way, never would we question what we were being told, at least not until after watching Gone Girl. As much as Ben Affleck gets a bad rep, I’ve always liked him as an actor (although I’m not convinced her can pull off Batman) and his chemistry with Rosamund Pike, especially int he final scenes, makes for compelling watching.

martian-sits3. The Martian – Love, love, love this film. I’m always scared when films are hyped up so much that they will put all the good stuff in the trailer and the film itself will be such a disappointment. I’m pleased to say that the Martian was pure entertainment from start to finish. It’s another long film, with most films now seeming to exceed two hours, I often find myself wishing they would drop the drawn out fight scenes and scenes made just to make the 3D version look good and get to the point quicker, but at no point in The Martian did I feel bored, or even notice the length of the film. The Martian is gripping, from start to finish, it’s great acting, a solid story, and just the right amount of comedy and cheesiness thrown in along the way.

a9e2404a-4873-11e5-8ec6-26323b411bb3-1020x6802. Turbo Kid – Turbo Kid, up until December, was the top of my list for 2015 films. I was introduced to Turbo Kid at Grimmfest, and it hit my buttons in all the right places, pulling on my eighties kid heart strings, and bringing me back to a time where I rooted for the Goonies, yet evolving with me to fit my now adult humour. The best way I can describe Turbo Kid is The Goonies crossed with Mad Max, and I know that sounds a bit weird, but if you’re aged around 30, there is no way you can’t love this film. Hilarious and nostalgic from start to finish, Turbo Kid was a stand out film for me this year, and is bound to be a go to feel good film for years to come.

2979968-star-wars-bb-8-force-awakens1. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens – When I found out that Disney were going to complete the saga, I’m not sure I was too thrilled. With the utter crap that was Episodes I to III, I just didn’t want anything else to ruin the Star Wars legacy. In the build up I read nothing about the films, avoided all trailers, and even managed to keep the spoilers at bay. But when the time came, I was drawn in, and a trip to the cinema was planned. As soon as that title music kicked in, I found myself grinning from ear to ear as the child in me was reawakened, and I became excited to see what adventures lay ahead. Right from the start I was happy to see that the film just felt more like the original trilogy. Gone were the stupid CGI scenes just for the sake of it, and back were the sliding scene transitions and raw feel to the film. There was more emphasis put into storyline and character development, and I found myself loving it (almost) all the way through. The old characters bounced so well off the new ones, and Rey is an amazing female lead, something which I’ve always found that sci-fi films can do so well. I still can’t say I’m happy about dragging out the saga for all it’s worth, with back stories and spin offs, but I am now excited for Episodes VIII and IX. If you haven’t yet seen Episode VII, and want to revisit the earlier films before you do, I can highly recommend the machete order……

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