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My Top 5 Zombie films

My Top 5 Zombie films

I’m a huge lover of horror films, especially anything zombie related, so here is a list of my all time top five zombie films…..

5. Cargo – Ok, so I’m being a bit awkward. Cargo is a short film, but it has done more than enough to earn a spot here. In 7 minutes your barely see a zombie. There’s not much action and no gore. There’s not even much dialogue. What there is, is an amazing story, excellently told, that invokes more emotion than any of the other titles listed below. I was tempted to put it higher in the rankings, because of how much I love it, but as a short I will leave it here. I won’t say anything else about it, as it’s only 7 minutes, you should just see for yourself.

4. Resident Evil – I have always loved this film, even if the franchise has gone ridiculous now, I will always love the original film. Most reviewers would disagree, the film scored quite low with 33% on rotten tomatoes, but for me the film includes certain things that I love. Who doesn’t love a film with not one, but two strong, ass kicking, female leads, lots of action, zombies, (ok, maybe they don’t have as much screen time as your would expect from zombie films but they’re still good zombies) and it’s a good video game adaption. All in all, I found Resident Evil to be the most thoroughly entertaining of all the zombie films, and it’s my guilty pleasure entry to the list.

3. Rec – Rec is a Spanish film, so you’ll have to read subtitles for this one, but I promise you it’s worth it. The story is told using the ‘shaky camera’ technique, and is based on ‘found footage’ from when a reporter accompanies a fire crew to an incident in a building where a woman is reportedly trapped. The film builds up tension slowly to begin, but once the action starts, you’re kept glued to screen until the very end. If you’re too lazy to watch a film with subtitles, the Americans made an almost carbon copy remake called Quarantine. It’s not as good, as with everything Hollywood copies they never quite manage to get it right, but it’s a decent version if you’re that opposed to a little reading.

2. 28 Days Later – Danny Boyle’s film puts the UK on the map for zombie films. A major downfall of the zombie film is poor special effects and unbelievable zombies, but Boyle’s take on the infected is superbly done. The film has plenty of action which is well mixed with calmer scenes, with constant ups and downs, solid acting all round & Cillian Murphy is an incredible lead for this exciting film. I have the soundtrack on my phone which I use to run to (ironically, I run using the Zombies Run app) and is still probably the best horror soundtrack I have heard.

1. Juan of the Dead – By far my most favourite dissident vampire zombie film of all time, I’m not ashamed to say it. Juan of the Dead is the Cuban piss take of a British piss take zombie movie. The story line is very similar to Shaun of the Dead, but adapted to fit the social and political status of Southern America. Also includes the ‘best homosexual declaration of love’ EVER! I don’t care if it’s a satire film, it still comes at the top of my list. Also, sorry, but it’s another Spanish film, however if you can pain yourselves to sit through just one foreign film with subtitles, please let it be this one.

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  • Huge fan of 28 Days Later, I felt it was one of those zombie films that really explored the people left in this world.

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