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My favourite board games

My favourite board games

April 11th 2015 was International Table Top Day, and in light of this, I have decided to share with you my favourite board games;

  • Small World – Small World was one of the first board games I was introduced to as an adult. The aim of the game is to use unique racial traits and skills of to dominate the world, and it won Games Magazine’s 2010 Game of the Year. What I love about this game is the vast variety you have when playing. No two games are ever the same, and your strategies are constantly evolving to work with what the game offers you as a player. In terms of set up, some of the games I have played require so much in the way of set up and learning complicated rules, and while Small World is not completely straight forward, you can be set up and running in under 30 minutes. We also have Small World – Underground, which is good, but in my opinion it’s not as good as the original. I find that when a race was selected with an ability to add more race tokens to your army, that there never seems to be enough extra tokens supplied to make this worth while. Whereas in the original game your 20 skeleton tokens and 18 sorcerer tokens are more than enough to make use of their abilities. Combines with a fantasy theme and beautiful artwork, Small World is a game I can play again and again, although on the down side, when playing with 5 players games can take over an hour to complete.
  • Escape – Zombie City – This was a game I backed on Kick Starter. It’s a fast paced, timed co-operative game with a great soundtrack and easy to pick up game play. You make your dice rolls simultaneously, so there’s no waiting for everyone to take their turns, and game play is split into 2 main sections. First you have to open up the map and collect enough resources to make your escape. Them you have to work together to safely exit the city. It’s is currently a big favourite in our house for 2 reasons.
    1. It’s co-operative – My boyfriend complains that when we play against each other that I attack him personally and it’t not fair, even when we’re the only to people playing….
    2. It’s timed – No game can last longer than 15 minutes. During regular games involving strategy, my turns take an average of 30 seconds, whereas my boyfriend will spend 10 minutes going over every possible outcome in his head before making a decision. I get very bored waiting…..
  • Cards Against Humanity – Considering my sense of humour is dry & sarcastic at the best of times the fact that this game is featuring should come as no surprise. I play the UK edition, which was a great release, as I have previously played the US editions and a lot of the references can be lost on us. The UK edition however was obviously well researched, with references to Jimmy Savile and Gary Glitter, you’ll be cringing before you’ve even played a hand. Cards Against Humanity is a party game where a black question card is shown, and you have to pick from your hand of white answer cards to fill in the blanks. You all take it in turns to judge the submissions and pick a winner, which varies between being the funniest or most offensive. Cards Against Humanity is designed for a select audience, and not everyone will appreciate it, but if you’re in the right group of people, it can make for a very entertaining evening.
  • Pandemic – Another co-operative game that doesn’t take hours to play, the best feature of Pandemic for me is the high use of strategy required to win. This board game is hard, especially as we usually only have 2 players, and therefore a smaller number of abilities to use. However, despite it’s difficulty, my love of strategy, logic and reasoning mean that it’s a game I do not get bored of playing.
  • Munchkin – a dedicated deck card game that won the Origins Award for Best Traditional Card Game in 2001. The goal of Munchkin is to reach level 10 before your fellow players, and in the meantime, it’s ok to screw them over as you go. Of course this doesn’t always go down well with the people you are playing with, but with the luck of draw you can be sure that they will soon return the favour. If you like games where you can back stab your friends and steal their stuff, then Munchkin is the one for you!
Thanks for reading!
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