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My Exotic Meat Adventure, supplied by Kezie Foods

My Exotic Meat Adventure, supplied by Kezie Foods

I’ve always been happy to try any food once, but it’s not often you get chance to try more unusual meats. When I lived in Yorkshire, I often frequented Temujin in Sowerby Bridge, which supplies you with unlimited fresh cooked stir fry, and often includes a selection of exotic meats. It is because of Temujin, than I love Kangaroo!

Also, when we went to Iceland, we got the pleasure of sampling both Horse and Minke Whale steak, and the horse especially, was so nice, we have always wanted to try it again.

Enter, Kezie Foods. Recommended to us as Temujin’s supplier, we decided to branch out and try as many different meats as we could. So after our purchase of over £60 worth of meat, here’s what we came up with;


Stir Fry – with Char Sui sauce, noodles and an Asda stir fry vegetable pack, we thoroughly enjoyed our home made Temujin! The kangaroo meat is brilliantly tender and succulent, and will remain one of my favourite exotic meats.

Kebabs – Having plenty of Kangaroo meat, we also made kebabs. With the meat soaked in red wine and coriander, cooked on skewers with onion, red & yellow peppers and mushrooms, and served with rice and raita.


Next up was the Zebra steaks, which we served with asparagus, carrots, mushrooms, baby sweetcorn, jacket potato and pepper sauce. The zebra was a deep red colour, and had a rich taste. Although very nice, I couldn’t help compare it to horse, which in my opinion, is much nicer. We enjoyed the zebra, but I don’t know if we will get this one again.


For camel we decided to try the Camel Sausages, which we served with mash potato, Yorkshire pudding & gravy. This was one of Arran’s favourites, but for me, even though the sausages were really meaty, for me they had too much of a beefy taste, and it didn’t fit having them as sausages. I think we’re going to try this meat again in steak form.


We ordered the Sprinkbok Haunch Steak, which for some reason comes partially cooked. As an avid fan of rare/medium rare steaks, we think this may have ruined this one for us. Served with mash potato, carrots, asparagus, spring onion, sugar snap peas and onion gravy, the meat was ok, a solid game meat, but tasted quite dry. We don’t think we’ll order this one again, unless we can get it uncooked.

Wild Boar

For this one we went for the Wild Boar & Apple Burgers, and we served with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, fries, onion rings and coleslaw. These burgers were lovely, very juicy, sweet, and lots of flavour, and we will definitely be getting these again.


Although we ordered the steak, we decided to do something a bit different with the Buffalo, and sliced up the meat to make fajitas. The Buffalo Striploin Fillet Fajitas were served with peppers, mushroom & onion, sour cream & guacamole, and tortilla chips. This was another beautiful meat, tasting similar to a very high quality beef, which went very well in a fajita, and another one we would like to try again. In fact, I would rather have buffalo to a regular beef steak anytime!


The Horse Striploin Fillet was the one I was waiting for, and it didn’t disappoint! Served in a similar style to how we had it in Iceland, we went with a baked potato, stir fry peppers, mushroom, asparagus and onion, and pepper sauce. The horse was absolutely my favourite of all the meats we went through, tasting similar to a sweet beef with a subtle game flavour, and will certainly be ordered over and over again.


We used the Rabbit Meat to make a Stew in the slow cooker, with thyme, carrots, onions, potatoes, and dumplings. While the meat was ok, it wasn’t really anything special, too similar to chicken, and I don’t think we’re bothered about getting this one again.


The Elk Meatballs we decided to serve with bacon, coriander, spaghetti, tomato pasta sauce and garlic bread. The elk was a nice change to traditional meatballs, but wasn’t something I was desperate to try again. Perhaps the elk flavour was lost in the meal, and if we do try this again, we’re more likely to go for a steak to sample the full flavour.


For Llama we went with the mince, and decided to go for a Chili with onion, pittas, rice and sour cream dip. Very simple, and done with passata instead of chopped tomato to keep it smooth, the llama made a lovely twist on the standard beef chili. As there was plenty of chili to go around, we finished off the batch as a side for a jacket potato, another great accompaniment for this dish. Unfortunately we feel we may not have fully experienced the full flavour of the llama itself, similar to beef, this would likely make a good burger. We may try this again in a different format.

Wagyu Beef

We picked the Wagyu Beef Sweet Chilli Burgers, as this is a very expensive meat to have in steak form! Served with lettuce, tomato, onion, sweet chilli sauce, fries and onion rings, this was another amazingly succulent and mouth watering meat. Wonderful for burgers, we may one day have to take the plunge and give the steak a try.


We were really looking forward to the Reindeer Haunch Steak, and it was definitely a great steak to leave until last. Seasoned with black pepper & thyme, and served with parsnip, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, asparagus and roast potatoes, this, after horse, was probably my favourite steak of the lot. The steak was very tender and succulent, and we’re considering having this for Christmas this year!


To round off the exotic meals, we had the Alpaca Meatballs, and turned them into spicy kofta, seasoned with coriander, black pepper & lemon zest, and served on skewers with lime and coriander rice & raita, this was another lovely meat we would be happy to try again.

Overall, we were very impressed with the quality of meat from Kezie Foods, and we’ll be putting in another order very soon!

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