Making the most of WordPress – Google Analytics

Making the most of WordPress – Google Analytics


The Acquisition stats can be super helpful, as they give us information on how people are finding our website. The All Traffic – Channels menu, shows us where our visitors have come from, be it searching a term on Google, a link on Social Media, typing in the url direct, or other means of locating our website.


The Search Engine Optimisation menu can give us great insights into what search terms provide the most visibility to our site. Not only does it show us how many people visited our site after searching a particular term, but it also shows us how many people saw our site on a list of search results for a particular term but did NOT visit our site. Each one of these hits is a potential visitor we have missed out on, and can show us where we need to make improvements to our SEO.


Search Terms


The Behaviour stats can show us what our visitors do when they visit our site. This can give us insights into how people move around the site, how long do they spend browsing, how many pages do they view, which are the most popular pages, and what is your bounce rate.

Behaviour Overview

We can also view in depth stats for each of our pages, we can see which pages people are most likely to arrive at our site through, and which ones they are most likely to leave our site from.


The Conversions menu is a very interesting tool, especially if your website has a specific goal. By setting up goals, you can track how often these are achieved, and your goals can be anything you want them to be.

If you’re a business, you might want to track how many people who visit your site then go ahead and make a purchase, by monitoring how many visitors reach the purchase confirmation page.

If you’re a blogger writing posts in a series, you can monitor how many visitors who view the first post in the series, then go on to view the others, and if they do, how many do they view.


This is a fantastic tool for helping you determine if your website is doing the job you intended it to do, and if not, you can use the other stats to help you determine what needs improving.

Remember, Google Analytics can help you ensure your visitors are getting the best experience from your site, it can help identify problem areas, and allow you to make improvements, because no one wants to be going through this;

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