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Like saving the world in Pandemic? Then you’ll love destroying it with Plague!

Like saving the world in Pandemic? Then you’ll love destroying it with Plague!

Recently I have been given the opportunity to try out some of the spin off games from Pandemic, which is one of my favourite board games to play, and it reminded me of a mobile app I love called Plague.

Plague is a really great mobile game, and can be summed up as reverse Pandemic. Instead of working towards curing diseases and ultimately saving the planet, you instead develop your own disease with the intention of wiping the planet out.

The great thing about this game is it’s playability. Despite being quite short in itself, each game takes 5 – 10 minutes, it’s still something that you want to play again and again, and a big part of that is the different options the game has.

Initially, you have the ‘normal’ set of games, with each one giving you a different type of plague to infect the world;

  • Bacteria – most common cause of plague, unlimited potential
  • Virus – a rapidly mutating pathogen which is extremely hard to control
  • Fungus – fungal spores struggle to travel long distances without special effort
  • Parasite – parasitic lifestyle prevents DNA alteration from every day infection
  • Prion – slow, subtle and extremely complex pathogen hidden inside the brain
  • Nano-Virus – out of control, microscopic machine with built in kill switch
  • Bio-Weapon – exceptionally lethal pathogen that kills everything is touches

What I love about even the basic games available is that each type of plague has its own unique traits, and needs to be dealt with slightly differently, forcing you to change up your tactics depending on which you go for. I also love the addition of more fantastical plagues such as the nano-virus, which severely appeals to the sci-fi geek in me. In addition to providing you with seven types of plague, each type has four difficulty levels for you to try. While Casual and Normal may be relatively easy on most types of plague, Brutal and Mega Brutal can provide even the most experienced player with a challenge!

You begin the game with your chosen plague type (which you also get to name!) and choose which country to start in. This doesn’t make too much difference on the easier levels, but once you advance to more difficult scenarios, you’ll need to choose more wisely. As your plague infects more people, you get DNA points to spend on upgrades for you plague, and these come in three main types;

  1. Transmission – how your disease is spread
  2. Symptoms – the physical, or mental repercussions of contracting the disease
  3. Abilities – special abilities for your disease, such as the ability to survive in cold climates

Knowing when to spend your DNA points, and what to spend them on could be the difference between your plague successfully wiping out humanity, or those pesky humans developing a cure before you have the chance.

After you have exhausted the normal games, you can choose to purchase additional add-on packs, which I can highly recommend. The first of these to be released was the Neurax Worm, very different to the original seven plagues, you can evolve the worm to either take control of your host so it worships you as a God, or just kill them off as usual. Second to be released was the Necroa Virus, which replicates a zombie outbreak, and was one of the tougher scenarios for me, and most recently, the Simian Flu scenario was released, which comes with official movie content from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. While updates and new features are slow, this game is still worked on, so it would be worth paying for all add-ons (including future ones).


My top tips for new players;

  • Start in a poor country with good transport links – it helps the plague spread quickly to begin with
  • Don’t evolve symptoms until most of the world is infected, visible symptoms increase the chance of your plague being discovered, and this leads to people working on a cure
  • Wait until there are no healthy people left, then evolve you plague to kill as quickly as possible!

Plague is definitely one of the best mobile games I have ever come across, and who wouldn’t want the chance to play God and destroy humanity?

Thanks for reading!
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