Leeds Horror Film Festival 2015

Leeds Horror Film Festival 2015

8 years ago, the Cottage Road Cinema in Headlingly Leeds, housed the first Leeds Zombie Film Festival. Devised by the zombie obsessed Dominic Brunt and Mark Charnwood, Emmerdale's Paddy and Marlon, the Leeds Zombie Film Festival was a 12 hour marathon of undead films.

I have attended the Leeds Zombie Film Festival for the past two years, and have seen some amazing zombie films. The play list usually includes new films, old films, shorts, indie films and foreign films, with a good mix to keep you entertained for 12 hours straight.

Although I have always enjoyed the film festival, it did seem to struggle slightly in 2014, and we wondered if the festival was being hindered by a lack of material to showcase, and it seems that the creators have come to a similar conclusion. Although I'm sure there are many more zombie films out there, in order to keep things fresh, this year the Leeds Zombie Film Festival has become the Leeds Horror Film Festival!

As usual the festival takes place at The Cottage Road Cinema, Sunday 26th April, tickets are £15 for the full 12 hours, and profits are donated to the World Animal Protection charity.

So, with a slightly new outlook on this year's event, lets have a look at the running order;

[imdb id="tt0089013"]
[imdb id="tt0082010"]
[imdb id="tt0050766"]
[imdb id="tt0070047"]
[imdb id="tt2832470"]
Headlining this year is a "Blindingly Brilliant Premier Mystery Sixth Film", any guesses as to what this may be?
So we have Demons, Werewolves, Devil Cults, Possession, Nazi Zombies and a mystery headliner! Looks like I'll be dusting off my copy of Dead Snow to make sure I'm ready for the highly anticipated sequel, and I'm very excited to see what the 6th film will be....... For more information and updates please visit the website http://leedszombiefilmfestival.com/
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1 thought on “Leeds Horror Film Festival 2015”

  • but in 2013 the hyde park picture house presented the wonderful
    Italian movie director Ruggero Deodatto for an special screening of
    his classic horror film cannibal holocaust he was great to met to say I was
    the first person to chat with as when he got out of the car then we all went in for
    an sessional chat with him he signed merchandise and had photos taken with him
    then we all watch the film following the making of it was an great evening in that cold
    damp November night on November the 15th the show started at 11pm right up to
    3 am but I’ve still got my ticket signed by him in which I treasure the most but great fun it
    was including some event fan reaction interviews about the show with in all it was great.



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