Laugh and Let Die – Blood on the Fairway Murder Mystery Review

Laugh and Let Die – Blood on the Fairway Murder Mystery Review

I think it’s pretty obvious to anyone reading this blog that we love to try new, interesting and unusual things, so we’re always on the look out for new events to check out.

Our most recent venture has taken us into the world if the Murder Mystery evening. We’ve wanted to do something like this as a review for a while, and so were very pleased when we found Laugh and Let Die, a local company who graciously invited us down to one of their events.

We decided to pop down the road to Salford Grosvenor Casino for Blood on the Fairway, a golf themed Murder Mystery evening complete with 2 course meal.

The Casino was a nice venue for the evening, we had a private room for the event, but were free to wander around the rest of the casino before and after, although being none gamblers, other than our free roulette bet (which we lost) we didn’t take part in any of the tables.

While waiting for the evening to start, we got chatting with some of the other guests, and slowly the actors started to appear, and began mingling with the guests.

This was a nice way to introduce the characters as you got to have a little chat with each one before the evening was officially underway. The characters were great, all just enough over the top to make them great fun, and it was good to see all the actors staying within character for the whole evening.

  • Goldie Falcon is the owner and Lady Captain of the Glen Falcon Golf Club, and she has invited you here to the prize evening for her departed husband Glen Falcon, who died a year ago to the day.
  • Woody Tiggs is the Golf Club’s pro golfer, instructor, and Goldie’s fiance. We heard he was a womaniser, and we suspect the rumours are true!
  • Beatrice Ware is the Club cleaner, and Goldie’s PA. She’s a bit over friendly with the boys, and we suspect something may be going on between her and Woody during her golf ‘lessons’.
  • Betty Turnip is the Bar Manager, and sister of Goldie’s departed husband Glen. She blames Goldie for his death, which isn’t surprising, considering he died due to a golf club to the head, as it ‘slipped’ from her hands.
  • Lastly, we have Donald Montie, the Club’s groundskeeper, who refuses to let anyone see what he’s growing in his ‘potting’ shed…..

Once the evening began, the actors began to play out the story, when suddenly, Bea Ware begins to choke! Next thing you know she’s dead, and the evening is ruined by a gruesome murder.

Enter Sergeant Hamish Bacon, who needs help solving the murder, and we’re all made deputies for the evening, allowing us to interrogate the suspects throughout the evening. We’re also helped by trainee police woman Pam de Caur, a dopey but lovable police officer who is eager to help out and earn her badge.

I think it’s also worth mentioning, that PC Bacon is played by Rob Ireland, who is also live and Let Die’s Creative Director and writes all the story lines!

Dinner is served, and in between courses we are shown new evidence which may have come to light, and are given the chance to interrogate the suspects as a group. Firstly, I think it’s worth mentioning that the food was lovely. Between us we sampled the half grilled chicken and Singapore noodles, and the New York cheesecake and chocolate torte. Everything tasted amazing, and the bar was reasonably priced too (soft drinks free, wuhoo!)

Dinner was served a little late, it looked like there was a delay of about 30 minutes at the beginning of the night, but they did apologise for the delay, kept us thoroughly entertained throughout, and the food was worth the wait anyway!

After a bunch of opportunities to interrogate the suspects, we’re given the opportunity to write down;

The buggar that done it

And the reason that buggar done it

Once everyone had made their guesses, the suspects are all brought out, and the murderer is revealed!

Each new piece of evidence hinted at a possible motive for one of the suspects, and it was up to us to use the evidence to deduce who the murderer was. By the end of the night, I’m not sure how we could have used the evidence to work out who the culprit was, but it sure was fun giving them a hard time with our questions! I do wish we had a bit more time to interact with them all, but there was a lot of people to get around, and they did a great job at trying to spread themselves across all the guests equally.

The best bit about the evening was definitely the fun factor. All the actors were brilliant, although Pam was definitely our favourite, played by Kelly Diver, and she kept us ‘dying’ with laughter¬†throughout the event. All the actors have to work really hard to stay in character and improvise while we throw them the most unexpected questions, and they do so magnificently!

The company has some great themed events coming up, with Most Spooked, and A Sting in the Tale for Halloween, and A Twisted Christmas Carol and Slay Bells Ring for the festive season.

We would definitely recommend Laugh and Let Die for a fun filled comedy Murder Mystery evening. We had a brilliant time, and can’t wait to go again!

Thanks for reading!
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