I just landed my dream job

I just landed my dream job

For those of you that may not already know, on Tuesday 9th June I finally plucked up the courage to hand in my notice and take a risk at doing something completely different for a career.

During the last year, and since moving to Manchester, I have found a true passion for organising events in the tech community. I currently organise a 2 day tech unconference called BarCamp Manchester, and a monthly code club for adults called CodeUp Manchester, alongside helping out organising monthly werewolf games and a bi-monthly social meetup called GeekUp Manchester. It might keep me busy, but I love it! I love the scene, I love the people and I love the atmosphere, and I have recently realised that this is what I should be doing for a career, and not just as a hobby in my spare time.

Getting to the point of quitting my job wasn’t easy, it took a lot for me to have the guts to make the change. It all started in April, when MadLab were on the lookout for a tutor to cover a number of courses on their Digital Skills for Women project at short notice. Thanks to a recommendation from Gemma Cameron, MadLab contacted me to see if I might be able to step in and take over some of the teaching.

I checked my schedule, and in between work and studying for my Maths A-Level, I managed to fit in two of the courses, so I then officially became a tutor for the Digital Skills for Women Social Media and Intro to Web Development courses. I was really nervous about both courses, but afterwards I had so much fun, and felt a great sense of accomplishment.

This thankfully got me on MadLab’s radar, and after hearing about my awesome project management and event planning skills, they were keen to work with me again.

To cut a long story short, 2 months later and they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I’ve quit my job and I’m currently working my notice, while doing some work for MadLab on the side to get integrated into the business. In July I’ll officially be going full time to take over management of the hire space and course bookings, ad I’m super excited about it all.

I can finally wake up in the morning and be excited about going to work, because I will be getting to do the thing that I love – “Organising Shit”

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