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House of the Dead 2015 – A True Horror Experience

House of the Dead 2015 – A True Horror Experience


House of the Dead is the latest invention from Manchester’s newest ‘dark’ entertainment company. We’ve already had a glimpse of what they can do, when we played their escape game crossed with a scare attraction, Trapped up North in July.

This time the team have gone for a more traditional scare attraction for the Halloween season, in House of the Dead, an immersive, walk through, horror experience. We’re expecting to find something similar to the scare mazes at Farmaggedon or Scare Kingdom, but with the innovation seen at Trapped up North, we’re looking forward to seeing how this company puts the scare maze into practice.

Officially, the attraction opened on the 3rd October, but due to the press launch running late, we had to reschedule our visit for a later time, and managed to book in our experience just a few nights ago.

What we found that sets House of the Dead a part from traditional scare mazes such as Scare Kingdom and Farmaggedon, is that you really do feel like you’re getting a full ‘experience’. As great as scare mazes are, they all tend to be very linear, and once done, you realise just how quickly you rush through. Interactions with actors can be quite limited and scripted, and often, the music is so loud you can barely hear what they say to you, and the maze is so dark you never really fully appreciate the wonderous sets you travel through.

House of the Dead is different. In between the dark mazes, the sets open up into comparatively lighter areas, where your interactions with the actors are much more involved and personal. Rather than a linear progression through the sets, your are constantly split up and sent down different routes, and at points even left to wander around blindly trying to find the right way out.

Because of this, each person’s experience is very different, and I really like this concept!

Some of the makeup is amazing, especially in the graveyard scene towards the end, and I love how each character is given the freedom to fully interact with their victims. My favourites were the two patients in the doctor’s waiting room, who were brilliantly entertaining.

I love what House of the Dead have done with their Halloween attraction this year, I think their ideas are a much needed change from the norm, and my only request for next time would be more of everything please!


Tickets are priced between £13 and £20, and you can book here.

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1 thought on “House of the Dead 2015 – A True Horror Experience”

  • I went to the House of the Dead on Saturday 17th Oct and paid £18.00 per ticket (I brought four tickets in total) and what a load of rubbish it was. I have never been to an event that was crap from start to finish, it was over within 20 minutes. I would of paid about £3 to get in, what I rip off, every where was so bright and light up, you could see out side and the story lines were stupid. Nothing scary about it, pointless and I am trying to get my money back!

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