Horror Camp Live 2013 – An immersive, overnight, horror experience

Horror Camp Live 2013 – An immersive, overnight, horror experience

Over time it has become more apparent that today’s society is becoming so immersed in technology it concerns me that we are losing out on social aspects of our life. Playing game is more likely to mean a computer game than a board game and interactions on a personal level are becoming more scarce. So much so that technology now strives to bring this back, by including multiplayer and chat aspects to games, but this has never really appealed to me.

I’ve never been too bothered with computer games, but what I did like the sound of was something more involved, like Larping. So I decided to go out and look for games I could get physically involved in, and due to my love of all things horror, I found that many of my experiences have been along this theme.

One of the best experiences I have had was when I attended Horror Camp Live in 2013, and below is my review;

Horror Camp Live was an attraction I was most looking forward to this year, advertised as a 13 hour interactive horror game, and with a disclaimer mentioning use of sex toys and simulated urination, I was confident that this would be much more intense than a basic scare maze experience.

horror camp live 2013We arrived at the camp site with anticipation and excitement. At 8pm sharp we were greeted by Ms Fanny Twitch, a Director from the Institute of Happiness, who would be our guide for the night. Fanny was keen to ensure our happiness was paramount at all times, and lulling us into a false sense of security we were escorted to the camp site.

Here was our first meeting with the owner of Camp Mass Acre, Mr Abraham Cleaver and his wife/sister Incesta. After picking out tents and taking with us only what we will need for the night we are escorted back to the screening room where we get to watch a film and have some food. Although the drinking of alcohol is permitted in moderation, please take caution in consuming excessive fluids as trips to the bathroom are often accompanied by Mr Cleaver patrolling his property, and his lurking around corners may be of issue for those with a nervous bladder…..

During the film it becomes apparent that not all is well. Despite Ms. Twitch’s eagerness to keep spirits high, the happy campers are being contacted by an unknown person of a quite unsavoury nature. It is towards the end of the film that we learn our watcher is non other than Lockjaw, and that from this point onwards, he will be in charge of the night.

We learn that Lockjaw’s experiments have been hidden amongst the freaks of Carnival Gorevinsky which has gone rogue, and Lockjaw wants his experiments back. Through a series of dares it is up to us to locate and return Lockjaw’s experiments to him, under the guidance of Ms. Twitch, whose desperation to ensure the continued happiness of all involved seems to take it’s toll, and from Dybuk, a hag with a psychic pussy and foul mouth.

The night continues with the campers being placed in groups and sent on missions to retrieve Lockjaw’s experiments and obtain scrolls or keys within a set time limit. Missions are varied, with campers having to navigate to various points around the farm, negotiate with characters, eat things they would probably rather not eat, suck things they would probably not want to suck, be hooded and carted off in the back of a van, and sometimes not everyone returned…..

In between your missions Ms Twitch and Dybuk are on hand to ensure your continued ‘happiness’, often interrupted by a little clown who likes to randomly choose a victim to take away into the back room. I was fortunate enough myself to get two trips into the back with the clown, whose face I am still traumatised by 3 days later. The clown gently takes your hand, and masked to reduce your vision he carefully leads you into a darkened maze, where you are abandoned and then subjected to what feels like some kind of sensory torture before being gently returned to the rest of the group.

horror camp live 2013

After each completing 3 missions, the whole group sets out for the final test, and is then whisked away to the camp site for bed. Or so we may have thought. After being left alone in the night for just the right amount of time to start nodding off to sleep, the camp site is raided by Lockjaw’s experiments. Raids feel like they will never end, and even when your own tent is not under attack, the distant screams of your fellow happy campers means that terror is never too far away. After the raiding party finally depart, you are then left alone again, laid huddled in your tent with fear and anticipation wondering if the menace will return. Sure enough, just as you begin to think you’re safe, the raiding party returns and the torment begins all over again. Be prepared to be dragged out of your tent on numerous occasions, get wet, man handled, prodded, poked and grabbed in what feels like endless attacks. If you can sleep after the third raid you can sleep through anything!

In the morning the now not so happy campers are woken by Mr Cleaver and escorted to breakfast of well received bacon butties and hot drinks. After reminiscing about the events of the previous night, and laughing about who screamed the loudest, it became apparent that out of the 11 of us that started, only 9 remain. Mr Cleaver claimed he did not know where the two missing campers had gone, apparently sometimes people just go missing, but I’m sure they’re fine wherever they are…..

horror camp live 2013Horror Camp Live is a fantastic night of thrills for any horror attraction lover, with fantastic actors, brilliant sets and a well thought out back story and game layout. Ideal for a fun weekend or for larger groups or stag/hen parties you are sure to enjoy the experience.

Just remember, to get happiness, just follow the rules…..

For more information on Horror Camp Live, visit their website here, or follow them on Twitter.
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