HiddenCity Manchester – Creative Spaces

HiddenCity Manchester – Creative Spaces

HiddenCity Manchester

HiddenCity is a company who turn a city into an experience. Currently available in four major UK cities, I happen to be lucky enough to live in one of them. HiddenCity Manchester is called ‘Creative Spaces’, and is designed to help you see classic and contemporary art and design, explore shops and chill out in independent bars and cafes. You don’t require any local knowledge to take part, you just need a map, and a few hours of time.

How it works

It costs £25 for a team to sign up for a hunt. Once signed up, you have 28 days to head to your given starting location and text the team to let them know that you’re ready to begin. Your first clue will be delivered by text, and will require you to follow cryptic directions and decipher and answer to text back. Send a correct answer and you’ll be given the clue for the next location. Send an incorrect answer and you risk being given a 10 minute penalty!

Our hunt

The Manchester Creative Spaces hunt begins at the Manchester Art Gallery. 15 clues later and you have explored galleries, craft shops, quirky cafes and street art across Manchester City Centre. The clues were a lot harder than we originally expected, and it was nice to be given a bit of a challenge. Some we solved very quickly, whilst others had us completely stumped.

Cue 13 was our worst. We requested a hint but it didn’t tell us anything we hadn’t already worked out, and then when we finally got it, a quibble over semantics had us submit two incorrect answers and leave us with a 20 minute penalty.

At the end of our hunt we were awarded a time of 3 hours, 2 minutes and 17 seconds, which included 30 minutes of penalty time, and we’re currently positioned at number 43 of the leader board.

We liked how the hunt had breaks built in, so when you arrived at an interesting place you could spend some time checking it out while still being able to compete for a good time. I was also surprised at how much of Manchester I hadn’t yet explored since moving here 2 1/2 years ago, including some pretty awesome stuff around the corner from where I work!

HiddenCity is a great way of introducing you to interesting places in the city which you may not have yet discovered. The clues are challenging but fun, and the whole experience makes for a great day out. I would definitely recommend HiddenCity Manchester to anyone who visits the city, and event to residents of Manchester, who may like to discover new parts of the city. We’ll also definitely be checking out HiddenCity if we ever visit another city where a hunt can take place.

There’s currently only one hunt available in Manchester, but we’re hoping that more are introduced soon!

Whilst our experience was provided free of charge, this review is my honest and unbiased opinion.

Thanks for reading!
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