Google Opens Digital Garage in Manchester

Google Opens Digital Garage in Manchester

On the 1st December, the Manchester Central Library became home for Manchester’s very own Digital Garage from Google.

If you’re looking for a digital tune-up, this could be the place for you.

The Digital Garage in Manchester will provide free, in-person digital skills training from the experts, delivered through regular masterclass seminars and 1:1 mentoring sessions.

It will also host bespoke training events for charities, computer science education sessions for local students and teachers, and a range of further events in partnership with local organisations.   

The Garage will be open in the Central Library, six days per week, from 1st December until the end of March 2016.  And the Digital Garage team will be available to visit the districts of Greater Manchester and conduct training and mentoring in local communities where there is a demand.

The Digital Garage is currently offering two free seminars, entitled “Tell your story online” and “Reach new customers online”. Each seminar is  one hour long and lead by an expert trainer. You can also request a free mentoring session with an expert mentor, who can help you grow your business online.

Research shows over half (51%) of small businesses say young people are not learning enough digital skills and nearly a third (29%) feel the cost of training is putting them off getting the basic digital skills they need.

With a vast number of jobs now requiring digital literacy, it is crucial people keep up to date with opportunities presented by online technology.

The Digital Garage has a strong history of helping small businesses,

Over 88% of businesses that attended a training session at the Digital Garage in the past state  that they have changed the way their run or promote their business online, with 68% of people surveyed saying they’ve seen positive results – in either increased sales, bookings, web traffic or social media following Google’s free training.

Looking at what’s on offer, it’s not immediately apparent where this comes from. Currently the Manchester Digital Garage has just two, one hour seminars, and mentoring available. We hope to be able to visit soon so we can check these out ourselves…..

To register for the Digital Garage seminars, or to request mentoring, please visit their website.

Google’s Digital Garage also offers a wealth of online learning resources covering a wide variety of digital skills, and you can access these here.

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