Getting Started with the CodeBug

Getting Started with the CodeBug

Last week my CodeBug with electronics and wearables kit Kickstarter finally arrived!

After my failed attempt at getting into electronics using the Arduino, I thought that maybe the CodeBug, with programming based in Blockly, would allow me to pick up basic concepts without having to worry about getting my head around C.


The CodeBug Kickstarter described the product as;

A fun, engaging, entry-level introduction to coding and physical electronics. In just a few clicks you’ll program the versatile little CodeBug computer to display your own message. You’re sure to get everyone’s attention as you show off your coding skills when you pin your customised, wearable CodeBug to your clothes.

And it was spot on!

The CodeBug is really simple to get using. The website is packed with fun tutorials, and within the first hour I had completed the ‘Getting Started with CodeBug‘ Course, and completed the ‘CodeBug Critter Costumes‘ Activity.

Meet Plop the owl!


I have also shared my first program, which is the beating heart animation I used for Plop, which you can download and remix here.

Beating Heart Code

One of the great aspects is that you can switch from blockly to code view when creating projects, so I can get to grips with the basics using the simplicity of Blockly, while still being able to see the code running behind it, and hopefully this will allow me to eventually transition to the Arduino with a better understanding of what I’m coding.

Beating Heart Code 2


I’m sure that there are hours of fun to be had with the CodeBug, and I’m really looking forward to playing with electronics some more!

Thanks for reading!
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