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Game Review – Ticket to Ride

Game Review – Ticket to Ride

I’ve always had a love of board games, and in my recent geeky years, I have come to love the more unusual and unique games over the more traditional games, and have spent the last few years playing quite a range.

Because of this, quite a while ago I wrote a post on my favourite games, and I think that most of them are generally regarded as quite popular in geek board game groups. One game however, was missing….

Ever since I have started playing board games again, people have tried to get me to play Ticket to Ride, and I’ve never been interested. I just couldn’t understand how a game about trains could be so good? It took me away from my comfort zone of fantasy or humour, into a realm of geekiness I wasn’t sure was ready for. No matter how hard people tried to tell me that it wasn’t about the trains, I just couldn’t get it.

Well finally, I’ve played Ticket to Ride, and I’m beginning to see what all the fuss was about!

Ticket to ride is a great game, with simple game play, but a twist to keep it interesting, not too long to complete, and not too quick, Ticket to Ride has quickly become a firm favourite in our house. So let’s have a closer look at what makes Ticket to Ride such a great game;

  • I love strategy, and this game requires tons of it. You need to start forward planning from the minute you’re dealt your cards, and this is the type of game play I adore
  • The basic gameplay involves card collecting, it’s very easy and familiar, and much more comfortable than new strange and complicated concepts. This plays a big part in allowing Ticket to Ride to be so easy to pick up
  • The addition of penalties for goals not achieved adds a little something to the game. It means you need to take extra care with your strategy, as this could be a big game changer!
  • The board itself is lovely, and the train pieces are well made. Overall it’s a very good quality game
  • While being more interesting and competitive with 3+ players, this game can still be quite enjoyable with just 2, something which can be quite difficult with geeky board games

I think I’ve covered the main points there, but I can’t emphasise enough how much we enjoy playing this game. Very suitable for families, and one of the few competitive games I can play with my boyfriend without WWIII breaking out…..

I’m also quite excited to play other releases of Ticket to Ride. The Europe version adds gameplay features such as long routes, ferry crossings and tunnels, and a new Ticket to Ride United Kingdom version will be released very soon!

It’s safe to say that Ticket to Ride has swiftly become a firm favourite in our house, and is a great gateway game for people looking to venture into the world of board game geekery.

If you would like to play Ticket to Ride, you can purchase the game from Waterstones and other gaming stores for RRP £32.99. Find your nearest store using this store locator.

Thanks for reading!
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