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Game Review – Ticket to Ride United Kingdom: The Pennsylvania Board

Game Review – Ticket to Ride United Kingdom: The Pennsylvania Board

After being thoroughly impressed with the UK board from the newest edition of Ticket to Ride, tonight we decided to play the second board in the expansion set, Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania adds in completely new gameplay aspects yet again. This time, when a route is claimed, you also get to take a share available from that railroad line, then at the end of the game, points are scored on who has the most shares in each of the railroad lines.

One thing we got stuck on in this version was whether to score routes as normal when claiming them, as there was no mention of them in the rules, and no points indicated on the board as usual. We decided that due to this, scoring in the Pennsylvania expansion must be only based on shares and completing route cards, but we may have played this wrong….

Pennsylvania is a nice alternative way of playing the game, but given the choice, I think I would be playing the United Kingdom board everytime, and this board alone makes the expansion worth buying!

Bound to be a Christmas favourite, and distributed by Esdevium Games, Ticket to Ride UK Edition: £25.99, available form Waterstones and also from independent game stores which can be found using our Store Locator

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