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Game Review – Star Wars Timeline

Game Review – Star Wars Timeline

The Timeline games have been around for some time now, with several editions, including Inventions, Science and Discoveries, and Historical Events. The basic concept of the games is to place events in the correct chronological order, something which sounds simple enough, but can quickly become quite a challenge.

The Timeline series are fantastic games for all ages, which are very quick to play, and great for two players, all the way up to eight. The latest release in the Timeline series is somewhat different from the rest, and is sure to appeal to all the geeks out there!

Star Wars Timline takes events from episodes IV to VI, and breaks them down into 110 events. Each player is dealt four cards, and the game begins with one event as a starting point in the timeline. Each player then takes a turn at choosing a card from their hand and placing it down in the correct position on the timeline. This may be easy for the first few cards, but once you have quite a few events in place, slotting in additional cards can become quite tricky.

This game is perfect for geeky family get togethers, suitable for the casual geek to Star Wars fanatic, a perfect stocking filler, this one is sure to be out at Christmas while we wait for the Turkey to roast.

Distributed by Esdevium Games, Star Wars timeline: £12.99, available from Waterstones and other gaming stores, which can be found using our Store Locator

NB: I went through all 110 cards, and Han Shooting Greedo, or Greedo Shooting Han are not events included in this game, however, should they ever be added in the future, we urge the creators to ensure that the timeline reflects that Han shot first…

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