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Game Review – Munchkin Treasure Hunt

Game Review – Munchkin Treasure Hunt

Munchkin Treasure Hunt takes the Munchkin World and makes it child friendly, by removing aspects of game play that centre around hindering your opponent. Progression is more linear, there is no going backwards if you fail to defeat a monster, and the ability to play cards against other players has been completely removed.

Instead, Munchkin Treasure Hunt has tweaked the original game into a more traditional board game style, with simplified rules, stripped back combat and basic aims. Dice rolls determine movement around the board (although you can move in any direction on each roll), and defeating monsters rewards you with treasures. At the end of the game, the player with the most treasure wins!

Fans of the original will love the fun factor of the monsters, be you facing a boring witch, or fire breathing ghost, the familiar illustration of John Kovalic help to bring this family game to life.

Munchkin Treasure Hunt is perfect for children who may be too young to enjoy player vs player aspects of  a game, and would be great for families, although the simplicity would likely be too much for an adult audience. While original munchkin is recommended for ages 13+, Munchkin Treasure Hunt is recommended for ages 6+, and it is within the range of 6-13 that this is the perfect game.

The RRP for Munchkin Treasure Hunt is £23.99 and it can be found at independent game stores, which can be found using this store locator

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