Fierce Edge Cyborg leggings

Fierce Edge Cyborg leggings

Fierce Edge is a fitness clothing company with a difference. Created by Lester Lee, a video game and fitness fanatic, Fierce Edge clothing is designed to make your workout fun! I received a pair of Fierce Edge Cyborg leggings to put to the test…

Fierce Edge creates comic book and gaming inspired sportswear making your journey to fitness an adventure without the grind.

I’ve always wanted to wear those funky leggings I see on fitness websites, but being a larger lady, I have to be careful as stretched prints don’t look very flattering, and some clothing brands don’t even go up to my size.

I had a look at the Fierce Edge website, and loved the designs available instantly! It was always going to be a choice between the Cyborg and Bounty Hunter leggings, and I opted for the Cyborg print. If anything, I hoped that the dark colour and simple print wouldn’t look horrible in a larger size.

Delivery was super quick, arriving in two working days, and I even got some chocolate coins as a lovely bonus. I pulled the leggings out of the packet and was quite surprised at how flimsy and light the material felt, and worried that they would stretch badly when I put them on. Oh how wrong I was!

Despite being light to touch, the Fierce Edge Cyborg leggings feel great on. I’m a size 16 and 5’10”, and the XL were perfect for me. I didn’t feel like the material was being over stretched, and the print still looked strong. The length was also perfect, which doesn’t happen too often when you’re tall.

The Fierce Edge Cyborg leggings are also high waisted, which is perfect for climbing as due to the movements involved, pants falling down is quite a common issue. They also have a drawstring waist, but I didn’t even need this. The ankles are cuffed so they don’t ride up, and even though they might not look too flattering in the packet, they look amazing when they’re on.

I had a great evening climbing in my Fierce Edge Cyborg leggings. I even had compliments within minutes of putting them on! They were super comfy, I felt confident and supported, they didn’t fall down at all, and they fit amazingly. I have longed for funky leggings for so long, I am so pleased that I now have my very own pair to show off in.

Fierce Edge Cyborg leggings have an RRP of £34.99 and can be purchased from the Fierce Edge online store here.

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