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Escape Room, Manchester – Slaughter House

Escape Room, Manchester – Slaughter House

Last night I made my third visit to Escape Rooms in Manchester, and fourth overall, if you count my visit to the Preston Site. Escape Rooms, especially the Manchester site, seems to be becoming one of my favourite Escape Game companies to visit. It’s getting to the point now where it’s not just about the awesome games they produce, but it’s the little extra things, like chatting with the staff, who are always excellent at this site.

slaughter houseMy visits to Escape Rooms have gone a little backwards. Our first visit, we were thrown into The Secret Lab, which is on of the hardest rooms, and we only had a team of two. Next up we did the only other 5 star difficulty rated room, Room 13, this time with a full team (and still my favourite of all the rooms). We’ve now moved down to one of the 4 star rated difficulty rooms, Slaughter House, but despite being a slightly easier room to solve, we still had a really good game.

Slaughter House is another fantastically set room, and while not being pitch black, it is very dark, and does have a very strong horror theme (just making this clear, in case the name ‘Slaughter House’ wasn’t enough of a clue). It was definitely easier than Room 13, I’m confident that there were fewer puzzles to solve in order to get out, but that didn’t make it less enjoyable. In fact, because of how great the setting of the room was, I actually came out of Slaughter House really impressed.

Despite including the usual combination locks, Slaughter House threw another lock type at us which we had not come across before, and the method of obtaining the information required for the final puzzle was not only something we hadn’t seen before, but was a great use of the props in the room, and really entertaining to complete.

We really enjoyed Slaughter House, and with an escape time of 31 minutes, we even managed to bag ourselves 4th place on the leaderboard. Rest assured we’ll be back to Escape Rooms soon, no doubt in the New Year, as we’ve been told they have a new room coming soon!

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