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Escape Room, Manchester – Secret Lab

Escape Room, Manchester – Secret Lab

It’s been almost a year since we attended the launch of Escape Room in Manchester, and we have continued to be wowed by them ever since. Despite being very impressive, the first game we played with them didn’t actually go so well.

On the launch night we played Secret Lab, the hardest game available, but with just two people, and we failed miserably. In a way, Secret Lab had been my least enjoyable room thus far, and I think a big part of that was how difficult we found it, and I think it was a mistake to try such a difficult room with just two people.

So tonight, we decided to turn our poor record around, and re-play the game with a team of five. To put things into perspective for those of you who have played the room before, if you split your progress into three parts, we barely made it to part two, so we were excited to see how the rest of the game worked, and were pleased to see a few changes to shake things up a bit for us.

the secret lab escape roomOnce the rest of team solved the first puzzle (I stepped back from this one as I remembered how to do it), we got stuck in with solving the puzzles. We were very pleased when we reached phase two, as this was as far as we had gotten last time, and really enjoyed playing the rest of the game, especially with the ‘surprise’ in phase three.

Secret Lab definitely had some of the hardest puzzles we’ve seen, so we were really pleased when we finally cracked it. Plus, we got ourselves on the top of the leaderboard, two days in a row!

I’m glad we got to complete Secret Lab, especially as it looks like this will be the first room to be changed into something completely new at some point this year.

It was also nice to see that Escape Room are trialling other methods of providing hints, such as QR codes around the rooms. Whilst we’re not sure if this would be better than our current favourite method of using a hint screen, it will definitely be better than their current method of entering the room, which is the only thing we don’t like about these games.

It’s also great to see that the company is doing so well, with lots of plans for more sites to come, we’re going to have to make sure we visit them all!

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