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Escape Room, Manchester – Room 13

Escape Room, Manchester – Room 13

Last night I had the pleasure of re-visiting Escape Rooms UK to play another of their amazing escape games. I last visited Escape Rooms in February at their launch, and suffice to say I was very impressed.

Just to re-iterate, the best thing about Escape Rooms is the level of professionalism you get from the staff and venue. The production values are definitely a step up from your average escape game, and this is why they ended up in joint first place on my ‘Which Escape Game is Best‘ piece.

As expected we received a very warm welcome at reception, put our bags and coats in the cloakroom and settled down in the bar area for a pre-game drink and some sweets! Being set in an old night club, the facilities are very good in comparison to other escape games, with plenty of comfy seating, a fully stocked bar, good toilets and even a nice outdoor area.

This time we got to play Room 13, which is the one room I had been dying to come back and try since we were given a sneaky peak at our last visit. Room 13 is another 5 star difficulty room, but this time we had a team of four, so we were more confident that we would do well.

room 13

Room 13 is a really good game to play. There are some great effects and the puzzles were fun but challenging. As always, I can never go into too much detail on the game itself, as it would ruin it for anyone yet to play. But I will say that any fan of The Shining will love this game!

Unfortunately the hint system still involves someone physically coming into the room to help, and I really wish that Escape Rooms would find another way to do this, as it really does have you lose momentum and affects the whole atmosphere of the game. I still think that this is the only thing letting down Escape Rooms.

We also managed to escape with just 3 minutes remaining, but we only had one hint, so overall it was a really good game, and I would highly recommend this room to any escape game fan.

We’re also really excited to learn that Escape Rooms are branching out and will soon be opening in Preston, with another site in Birmingham to follow! So watch out for a review of the new Preston site coming soon!


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