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Dice & Donuts – Preston’s new board game cafe

Dice & Donuts – Preston’s new board game cafe

Today we spent most of our time checking out Preston’s new board game cafe, Dice & Donuts. Partially funded through a kickstarter campaign, and opening its doors last November, Dice & Donuts seems to have got off to a great start.

Dice & Donuts is a great space for board game enthusiasts to casual gamers. Boasting a library of over 300 games, each person simply pays a £3 cover charge for access, and can then stay and play games for as long as they like. Games are colour coded to make it easier for people to choose something new to learn, which is a really great idea;

  • Green – Games which are easy to learn, or classic games you may already know
  • Yellow – Slightly more advanced than green games, they make take longer to set up or complete
  • Red – Advanced games, which may have complicated rules or require a lot of setting up
  • Blue – Games which are great for two players

The staff are also on hand to help you choose a suitable game, or set up and get started on an unfamiliar one, and the range of games available is very impressive.

We started out our day with a few rounds of One Night Revolution, followed by Pandemic: The Cure, and then we split off into two groups, with one group trying out Star Wars Monopoly and Saboteur, and the other venturing into the depths of Arkham Horror.

We had a great time playing games old and new today, and we’ll definitely be back for a full on gaming session some time soon, especially now we know they may be planning to hold a Megagame there!

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