Couch to 5k – Weeks 8 to 9

Couch to 5k – Weeks 8 to 9

After completing week 7 of the Couch to 5k program, I took a week off running, so I was quite nervous about starting week 8 as I wondered if being out of practice slightly would hold me back.

Week 8

C25k Week 8

Tuesday 29th July – Run 1 complete. Had some pain in my calves early on in the run, but I pushed through and completed it with no real issues. After I finished I did think however that I could have gone for another 2 minutes and made it to 30 without an issue. In fact I probably could have managed it at the end of week 7, and I wonder if the last 3 weeks of the program are dragged out a bit too much? Managed less than two miles today though, so pace is looking like being around 4mph.

Thursday 31st July – Run 2 complete. Had some bad cramping in my calves but managed to push through it. Pace ended up being about 3.9mph.

Monday 4th August – Run 3 complete. Again pretty standard, I’m confident I can do the 30 minutes without much trouble, but it’s still painful and I’m still ever so slow, it’s hard to pick up pace when your legs are so sore. Not sure what my pace was today as the route was too hard to follow on Google maps, but I don’t think I was any faster than before.

Week 9

Down to the final week! Would be nice to be running at least 4k in 30 minutes by the end of the program, then I can carry on working up on my own after I finish, but we’ll see how it goes.

C25k Week 9

Wednesday 6th August – Run 1 complete. Went out with a friend today, don’t think she believed me when I said I run super slow until we got out there. Was good to begin with though as trying to keep up pushed me to keep up the faster pace I always start at for longer than I usually do. Unfortunately due to traffic I had to stop completely to cross the road at one point, as this was just when my calves were tightening, but stopping I appeared to make it much worse, and really struggled to get going again, meaning my slower pace was probably even slower than usual. Also tried out Strava for the first time. I think I’m going to use it to track my runs after the program is complete. Looks like I managed an average pace of 4.1mph, I need to up this to 4.9/5mph to reach my goal of 4k in 30 minutes.

Friday 8th August – Run 2 complete. Used Strava again and average pace was still 4.1mph, but did manage to beat some of my best effort times over all distances up to 2 miles, so faster in segments, but same overall. To be honest I’m pretty miffed I haven’t been using this from the start, it records so much information like personal best times over certain distances, and I would have loved to have seen my progress using this app, but at least I have it now.

Wednesday 13th August – Run 3 complete, and I have finished the couch to 5k program! Today’s run was good, I’m still having a lot of pain in my calves but I’m determined to keep at it. One thing I must stress though, is that I haven’t yet run 5k, I’ve run 3k, in 30 minutes. Pace is down to 3.7mph, and I think using Strava is giving me more accurate results, I wonder if my previous speeds were over estimated, which is a bit of a let down.

From here I plan to keep on running 30 minutes at least once a week, alongside the Zombie 5k app to try and build up my speed. I planned on running both 5k programs alongside, but never quite managed to get going with the Zombie app at the same time.

It’s hard to believe though that only 10 weeks and 3 days ago (yes it turns out it took me longer than 9 weeks to complete) I was in agony running 8 lots of 60 second runs with breaks in between…..

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