Couch to 5k – Weeks 6 to 7

Couch to 5k – Weeks 6 to 7

By the end of week seven of the Couch to 5k program, I’m actually finding that I really want to go out running, and I’m disappointed if I have too much on to get 3 runs in a week. Don’t get me wrong, once I set off I kind of hate it, but when I’m done, I want to do it again! It’s here where I start to include some runs from the Zombies, Run 5k app to try and increase my speed also. Plus, now I have the 20 minute run out of the way, I feel like I can do anything!

Week 6

C25k Week 6

Monday 7th July – Run 1 complete. Pretty basic now, after running for 20 minutes I know I should be able to handle this no problem. I noticed that my legs are hurting less, and I put in some effort to try and run a bit faster, which I think I achieved on the two five minute runs. I work out my average speed as about 3.6mph, which isn’t that much of an increase, but faster non the less. Later on I started the Zombies Run 5k app and ran the intro. I’m not sure how I will split my runs between the two apps yet, whether I will alternate or run them one after each other.

For those of you interested, I thought I would add a bit in about the music I listen to when I run. As of this week I have created a new motivational dance play list, consisting of upbeat tracks about empowering women at a good beat to run to. My current playlist is below;

Couch 2 5k Playlist by Claire Dodd on Grooveshark

Wednesday 9th July – Run 2 complete. It was really warm out today so I’m not sure I managed to pick up my pace too much, but one thing I did notice as I ran around the Quays was just how far I had come. As I was almost done on my first 10 minute run, I looked back at how far around the Erie Basin I had run, and realised that just a few weeks ago I was struggling to run about a third of what I had just done! Worked out my average pace at around 4.2mph, which I’m actually quite happy with.

Friday 11th July – Run 3 complete. Firstly, the information I found before I started is wrong, the 3rd run of week six is a 25 minute run not a 22 minute run as I was expecting! 25 minutes is now officially the longest I have ever run for! I doubt I did much to keep my pace up today, it was super warm so I ended up running up and down the canal to stay in the shade which makes it hard to work our how far I ran but I estimated it at around 4.2mph which actually surprised me! I was planning on doing one of the week 1 Zombies Run this afternoon also, but it’s far too warm to try sprinting, so I’m putting it off.

Week 7

C25k Week 7

Monday 14th July – Run 1 complete. Technically I knew I could do this as I ran for 25 minutes last Friday, but I’m looking forward to doing more long runs now rather than the interval training. My legs and feet still hurt, but my pace is slowly picking up, I think I averaged about 4.8mph today. Had some company today which did highlight again how slow my running is, he could pretty much walk next to me for the vast majority of the run, but I’m still happy I’m putting the effort in.

Wednesday 16th July – Run 2 complete. Did a different route today and was quite impressed with how far I ran, although my pace has dropped to 4.3mph, I’m not sure I’m managing to speed up quite as much as I would have liked. I wanted to do the first Zombies Run workout also today, but my headset died two minutes in so I’ve still not managed to get going on that yet. I did notice though at one point when I checked my phone that I noticed I only had six minutes left to run. Notice the use of the term ‘only’, whereas only four weeks ago I was struggling to run for 3 minutes at a time, now I’m pleased when I only have six minutes left….

Friday 18th July – Run 3 complete. I’ve now run for 15 minutes, three times, in one week, which is something I could never have imagined doing! I even get acknowledgement from other runners that I pass, even if it’s just a smile or a nod, I know that they see the effort I’m putting in, even if I am going super slow, and it makes me feel a bit better. My pace has dropped again today to 4mph, but it was very warm out today. One thing I have noticed though when working out my average speed is that I’m still way off 5k, so even when I get up to doing 30 minute runs, I doubt I’ll get passed a total of 4k, but it doesn’t put me off, as I’m still confident I’ll be able to do it, even if it takes me more than 30 minutes.

I think I’m going to complete the program and then move onto running the 5k distance, as I’m obviously too slow to do it in the 30 minutes you aim for. At this point though I do think that maybe the program has slowed down in progression somewhat. And I wonder if the 25 minute, 28 minute and 30 minute runs could be done in 1 week rather than spread over three.

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  • I’m about to go out for run one week 6 and like you am amazed how far I’ve come since starting. During the first few weeks I was checking the clock a to see if I was nearly finished as I was out of breath. On the last run 20 minutes I didn’t think I would make it but I DID. Smiled all the way home.

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