CodeUp Manchester – Helping adults who want to learn how to code

CodeUp Manchester – Helping adults who want to learn how to code

Quite some time ago, when I first started this blog, I wanted to learn how to code. Since then I have made some progress! First I researched what language I should learn (and I decided on Python) and then I started a Coursera course entitled “Programming for Everyone” & found support at a local user group Python North West.

While trying to learn more and improve my skills, one thing became very apparent. If I was under 16, I would have an abundance of events to go to where experienced coders would help me learn, such as Code Club, or CoderDojo. But now I’m 31, no one wants to help me out. I think that it’s great that there are all these initiatives to get young people into technology, but I also think that it’s highly unfair that these initiatives exclude adults, because some of us want to learn too! And what about the parents of these kids who want to support their child learning how to code, but haven’t got a clue about how to get involved with something they don’t understand?

This brings me to CodeUp Manchester. Identifying a need that is not currently being fulfilled, we are currently developing a place where adults can go to get support and mentoring when learning how to code. Using Spaceport Manchester to meet one evening each month we want to create an environment where adults can meet, learn & exchange ideas. We aim to provide talks on general coding tips, tricks and best practice, study time where people can follow their own program of self study while receiving support from mentors, and breakout sessions covering more in depth language specific topics.

While currently in the early stages of planning, we hope that we can provide a place where people can be taught the basics of programming, and then be allowed to develop their skills while being part of a support community. We aim to use online resources such as Codecademy, Khan Academy, & Coursera, with the added support of our mentors, and basic skills lessons, to create what is essentially a code club for adults.

If CodeUp sounds like something you would like to attend, or get involved in, please contact me for further information, join our Meetup group, follow us on Twitter, or check out our website. We would love to know if you have ideas for our sessions, please let us know what you want to learn, or if you think you have a skill you can teach to others!

Thanks for reading!
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3 thoughts on “CodeUp Manchester – Helping adults who want to learn how to code”

  • Loving the blog, this is a great idea and totally agree in terms of the resources and support available to young people to develop digital skills but not a lot for adults. Whether it’s coding or just basic digital skills and building confident and capability in using digital tools this sounds like a great initiative.

  • I’m also from Manchester and recently decided I wanted to try my hand at coding 🙂
    Bought the Python programming for the absolute beginner just the same as you and am really glad that you’ve set up something like this! Hopefully see you soon!

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