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Citydash second attempt

Citydash second attempt

Whilst our entry to the race was received at a discounted rate, this review is my honest and unbiased opinion.

In February we heard about a pervasive game heading to Manchester called City Dash.

City Dash was the latest game by Fire Hazard, one of the UK’s leading street game outfits, running since 2008, they are the team behind Heist.

In City Dash, you have 60 minutes to reach as many check points as you can, while cracking clues, running, sneaking, plotting routes and working as a team in your group of 3 0r 4.

We signed up as a team of 3 (Team Awesome), and in March we took part in this game of speed, stealth, and strategy.

We had great fun playing City Dash, and you can read the full review here.

Now City Dash is heading back to the streets of Manchester on the 17th May. The game will again be held in the Northern Quarter, but the checkpoints will be new, and there will be extra summery surprises and challenges included.

Early bird tickets can now be purchased for just £7! And if you use the code AGENTZERO you can get 20% off!!!!!


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