#caschat – Applying for Computer Science Teacher roles

#caschat – Applying for Computer Science Teacher roles

This week’s #caschat was all about recruitment. Here’s a compilation of all the awesome advice from a great mix of Computing Teachers, Head of Departments, Directors of Computer Science, Master Teachers and more!

After some introductions and sharing of worst interview experiences, we got down to business.

Top answers included:

Applications seem to be mostly scored against the person specification, so it’s worth ensuring that you’re addressing those points in your application! Some schools will read every application that comes in and narrow it down to the best-fit group to invite for interview.

Some schools will also stalk your social media, so make sure it’s squeaky clean, or even better, use it as an extension of your resume. Have you participated in the latest #caschat for instance…

Some schools prefer the good old gut instinct route, so show you’re passionate about the subject and more than just a list of achievements!

Answers included:

  • Be honest about areas for development and ambitions
  • Show passion for the subject AND teaching
  • Spelling and grammar need to be on point!
  • Personalise the application, even better if you can visit the school beforehand
  • Talk about things you’ve done related to your subject, have you published a resource on CAS, volunteered for Code Club, done extra training such as Picademy? (If you need tips on where to go for free training see this list here)

Answers included:

  • A genuine connection with students, 1:1 interactions
  • Engaging, interesting, fun and varied
  • Not a lot of teacher talk
  • Lot’s of student activities
  • Support, questioning and challenge
  • Unplugged (to show off teaching skills and avoid tech issues)
  • Evidence of progress
  • Good subject knowledge
  • Differentiate
  • Take more activities than you think you can get through…
  • If it all goes wrong, it’s not the end of the world. Accurately reflecting on your lesson during the interview can save the day!

Answers included:

  • Research the school in depth
  • Check policies, especially safeguarding
  • Remember the interview starts when you enter the door, everything is being judged
  • Be yourself
  • Smile!
  • Be passionate about your subject
  • Clear the evening before to relax and get some sleep
  • Have some questions for the interviewers, show them you’re interested
  • Have fun!

Answers included:

  • Be realistic in your expectations
  • Be upfront about what you want
  • Think about what you really need and be prepared before the call comes in
  • Discussing ongoing development is ok
  • Be clear about your timetable allocation
  • Be clear on whether you’re ready for pastoral responsibilities too
  • There’s no harm in asking for an earlier start date if you’re available
  • Some schools will wait for the right candidate if you can only start later than advertised

I hope you found this useful, good luck applying for your first/next teaching post!

I’d like to add in everyone who participated in this #CASChat! Including your host, GirlGeekUpNorth, the facilitator, CLCSimon, and all the participants;

@KJSICT, @MsBClarke, @MrHeadComputing, @DdR333, @MrLauLearning@Jon_Torbitt, @ckbateman

Thanks for reading!
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