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BraCamp 2015 – The Manchester Girl Geeks Mini BarCamp

Last year the Manchester Girl Geeks put on an amazing BarCamp for over 100 attendees! This year they’re back, but with a slight change. After running a large scale event in 2014, this year the Girl Geeks are hosting a more intimate mini BarCamp event for around 60 attendees.


This years event is sponsored by three parameters and no exceptions, and will be hosted by Auto Trader in their new offices on First Street in Manchester. The event does still need Swag sponsors though! So if you would like to help out, please check out their wish list!

Manchester Girl Geeks is a not-for-profit group which organises networking events, talks and hands-on workshops for women and girls with an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). While the events are aimed at girls and women of all ages, boys and men are also welcome!

The un-conference is an amazing way to meet new people and share your passions and interests, and if you’re nervous, then this intimate event is definitely a great starting point to help you gain more confidence. With the tech scene in the North thriving, and at least two more BarCamps to come this year (BarCamp Blackpool in July & BarCamp Manchester in September), this will certainly be the first of many amazing events this year.

The first wave of tickets will be available Monday 30th May at 9am, remember places are limited, so get your ticket quickly!

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