Amiga Emulator – How to play Amiga games on Windows

Amiga Emulator – How to play Amiga games on Windows

I recently wrote about how I missed my old Acorn Archimedes games, and wished that I could play them again, when a friend of mine sent me some links for an Amiga Emulator. Although my childhood games were played on an Acorn, many of the same games were released for the Amiga, and emulators allow us to play these games on modern computers. Tonight, I replayed, and completed Mad Professor Moriarti, and here is how I did it. First I downloaded and installed WinUAE, an Amiga Emulator. Download using this link.

Once installed the emulator needs one more file to run, the Kickstart image ROM. One thing to note, is that it is illegal to own this image unless you own an Amiga and rip your own image from it. The ROM can be purchased legally from Amiga Forever, but I’m sure we all know that a quick Google search for Kickstart ROM download may yield more cost effective results. I use Kickstart 1.3 and this works fine for me. Once you have your Kickstart ROM, I suggest you create a file for ‘Amiga Games’ in a personal directory and save the ROM within that file. Then, open up WinUAE and select the ‘path’ tab on the left. You need to select the top box and point it at your ‘Amiga Games’ folder.

Your path tab should look something like this: (and yes, I call my computer Wonder Woman)

paths amiga emulator

Next download your games. You can search for these on the internet, but I use Amiga ROMS, which has a large collection to choose from. Just be careful when downloading that you decline the add ons. These are downloaded in .adf format as zip files. Once downloaded, extract the zip file using WinRAR and save in the ‘Amiga Games’ folder.

Now you can go back to your emulator and set up the Quickstart tab like this:

Quickstart paths amiga emulator

Then simply click on ‘Select disk image’ and select the .adf file for the game you want to play! So far I have completed Mad Professor Mariarti:

I am now playing Lemmings. Just be sure that when loading this game, you load Lemmings_1 into Floppy Drive DF0 and Lemmings_2 into floppy drive DF1.

Next up I’ll be trying out Chuck Rock! Although I must admit, Mad Professor and Lemmings are my favourites, mainly because of the amazing music!

Thanks for reading!
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