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5 of the most amazing things you can do with LEGO®

LEGO® is a timeless toy for both children and adults alike. As indicated by the successful Adult LEGO® nights, you are never to old to play with little building blocks.

As we grow older and become more creative, we may find that the things we can do with LEGO® become more and more complicated, and even more amazing.

Take a look at these 5 amazing LEGO® projects;

1. Create your own LEGO®  Movie – Recently, one man and his daughter spend $100,000 on LEGO® in order to recreate the most famous scenes from Jurassic Park for a 3 minute stop-motion animation.

2. Use LEGO®  for DIY jobs – In Germany, an employee of creative studio NPIRE spent 2500€ and one year building a dividing wall out of 55,000 LEGO® bricks

Lego wall - http://www.npire.de/

3. Market yourself with LEGO® – Stand out from the crown like Leah by using LEGO® to promote your skills when looking for an summer internship

4. Use LEGO® for medical science – When a tortoise called Blade lost one of it’s legs, it struggled to get around. But thanks to LEGO® those struggles are a thing of the past! By attaching LEGO® wheels to the underside of Blade’s shell, he can now move around with ease.


5. Build something, but bigger – In May 2013, this life size model of an X-Wing Star Fighter became the biggest ever LEGO® model. Using 5,335,200 bricks, and standing 11ft (3.35m) tall by 43ft (13.1m) in length, it is 42 times the size of the original LEGO® toy and took 32 people 4 months to build.

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