2.8 Hours Later – My week as a zombie

2.8 Hours Later – My week as a zombie

In light of Slingshot’s recent announcement that they have ceased trading, I decided it was time to do my write up on when I was a zombie for their game 2.8 hours later.

Back in July 2012, someone pointed me in the direction of a request for volunteers to be zombies for the game 2.8 hours late in Leeds, and I decided that this was something really awesome I could do.

2.8 hours later has run from 2011, although the story evolves each year, the premise of the game remains much the same. You are provided with a starting location in your chosen city, and there you are given a map to follow to escape the zombie hoard. Following the map you go through various checkpoints, which progress the story, but also have you running for your lives!

When you sign up to be a zombie, you first have to pass zombie school. Zombie school is a half day event where you are taught to become one of the undead, and to chase survivors, safely. That means no chasing survivors into oncoming traffic, if you’re not safe, you get a squid, 3 squids, and you fail zombie school!

Once you’ve passed zombie school, you pick which night you want to work, and in return you’re offered a free game on any other night. You can also work more than one night. I signed up to work the opening night, with a view to do more if I enjoyed it.

Safe to say that I really enjoyed it, and I returned each night after that to prowl the streets of Leeds. In the end, I didn’t bother claiming my free game, as I had way too much fun being a zombie instead!

My spot seemed to be The Core shopping centre, which was a really good spot for some zombie fun. Prior to reaching The Core, survivors had only come across slow moving zombies, so having been lulled into a false sense of security, they weren’t prepared for the chase. There were also a few good places to hide in the entrance area, which meant that you could take each group by surprise when they arrived, at least until the night got super busy and the queue started to form.

The best thing about being a zombie for 2.8 hours later, is seeing how immersive the game experience is for the people playing. I will never forget standing with my back to the entrance, watching a group of survivors try to sneak in through the reflection in front of me, and waiting for them to just get passed me before I swing around and take chase, only to hear them wispering, “Shhh, stay quiet and it might not hear us!” Well, unfortunately for them, I’m not a real zombie, I’m a person, and I can hear you. But it’s this feeling of being completely immersed into the event that makes 2.8 hours so special to play. In what other world could I have a grown mad, over 6ft tall and built like a house, screaming and running away from me.

I think it’s safe to say that being a zombie for 2.8 hours later is some of the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. After 4 nights, I could barely walk, barely talk, I couldn’t get the blood stains off my neck, and I loved every second of it!

I also made some awesome zombie loving friends, some of whom I went to do other zombie related activities with and who I am still in touch with today!

Thanks for reading!
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